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Full Version: Events Requiring Approval (READ ME)
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This topic should give you an idea if an event you wish to receive help with requires GM permission or not. In general, it is fine to make an application to verify, even if you feel you aren't requesting anything listed below. Note that just because you require approval for these things does not mean you are unlikely to get approved. However, please be aware that if your event is intended to have any of the following, it must receive GM permission beforehand:

World Impacting Events
  • Events resulting in significant damage to a non-player settlement or area. (Player settlements = things such as player houses. In that case, seek permission from the owner first.)
  • Events that take place in areas where the NPCs there (such as guards, etc.) would react actively. (IE, attacking Dormeho would have the guards stationed there react to defend it.)
  • Events that could or are intended to result in the severe harm and/or death of an important NPC. (IE, assassinating Elias, the emperor of Sigrogana. Note that for various reasons, certain 'story' NPCs which do not actively participate in the world structure, such as Kinu, cannot be part of an event.)
  • Events that would otherwise cause significant change to the world or setting.
Note that even if you receive permission for a world impacting event, things may not play out exactly the way your character envisions. Which is to say that your event will not be railroaded to a specific outcome - what happens will be the result of what occurs during the event itself. Also note that the standard for approval of one of these events is the highest - mainly to ensure that Tannis doesn't get set on fire and Elias doesn't have to fight off assassins every day of the week.

Do not be afraid to pursue these kinds of events, nor stop yourself from doing so just because you feel as if nothing would change. The whole reason this is an option is because we are open to this happening.

Other Events
  • Events that utilize story elements not represented in the official lore, including powers or places of significance.
  • Events that could result in the harm or death of a lesser NPC. (IE, assassinating Doctor Gorri or Alex Richards.)
The standard for non-world impacting events is not as high, but please ensure you have some reason beyond 'I wanna kill them because my character is EVIL and CRAZY'.


Once you've received approval, or if your event does not require approval, you may proceed with it as you wish. Please contact an Event Staff (on the forums or Discord) if you require assistance!