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Full Version: Alstalsia Fishing Contest Aftermath
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Rumors and flyers had recently announced the previous uprising of the Alstalsia Fishing Contest, held together by a Zeran with the name of Oscar von Stroheim. It was said that it would be one of the most glorious contests to ever exist in the land, being "far better" than the "weak Dormeho experience"...
... well, not really.
Rather than done for sport, the attraction to the metaphorical Alstalsian aquarium was merely a bait set up by the sadistic horned man. He wanted to see everyone cower and scream in fear at all the horrifying monsters that would inevitably get out of hand in the area selected by him.
Luckily for everyone that participated, many people with combat talent arrived to the scene and happened to be present when it all went wrong, thus making it not-so-wrong! Lives were saved, and sea creatures were beaten up.
Thus, a celebration with sushi and money being flung around for the brave warriors that prevented catastrophe was held. As for the man that started it all and got on people's nerves...?
[Image: unknown.png]
He was simply sent flying into the ocean by an irritated Dark Bard. All is well that ends well.