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Full Version: (Mini-Event Aftermath) Stray Executioners
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A village somewhere in the continent of Alstalsia had encountered one of the rumored horned knights, wielding Void magic and brutal physical force. Once brave warriors arrived to the scene after catching word of the on-going chaos, it was confirmed that the knight was none other than one of Cornelius Schlager's Executioners. The Void-tainted Reaper was soon joined by many more comrades of both male and female gender, possessing deadly scythes and spears as well as a mixture of endurance and agility.
In spite of their tremendous power, they were successfully defeated by the adventurers that had arrived in time to save the village and the majority of its citizens. Unfortunately, there were some casualties on the village's end because of the Executioners' monstrous nature.
The villagers did not understand why any of that was happening. They did not expect to find one of the mythical beasts, but they were grateful to receive aid and some of them rewarded the adventurers that helped. The battle resulted in victory.
Meanwhile, elsewhere...

"Countless individuals have fallen ever since all of this began. Known faces... Latto, Erin Levstas, Keira Yuki, and the captain of the Voilegard militia: Joshua Jonas. They surely are not the only ones, either."
"My brother and Black Falcon have finally met their end. Suffice to say, most would describe this entire situation as a tragedy for many involved, so far."
Cornelius stands atop a cliff while keeping his hands behind his back, the sound of the wind blowing being the only noise besides him. His half-lidded red eyes gaze towards the ocean in silent contemplation.
"Well, sacrifices must be made in order to obtain what we dream most after all. Little worth has been lost and has only made the situation slightly more complicated."
"What every individual should strive for is perfection of their talents, ideals and lifestyle. And in order to perfect my dreams, I must achieve the highest point in the ladder of existence. Therefore, I must begin by removing my mortal weaknesses and transcending into a plane of power that not even Lichdom can ever hope to reach."
The man's thoughtful look changes to that of a smiling expression, continuing his train of thought with confidence.
"Dies Irae is a legend said to be the day of judgement, where those that find salvation will be sent to the divine land, and anyone else shall be cast into eternal flames. The day of judgement will begin when Zera returns and takes a seat on his throne. The knowledge I've garnered suggests that the restriction to the Godly Stage is due to the fact they are hiding a special monument dedicated to the god of war- a throne of bones created from the enemies Zera slayed during Heaven's Contention."
"If I take into account that my objective is to become a god beyond all mortal powers and possess a world of my own, then am I to believe that I am in fact, the spiritual reincarnation of Zera returning to claim what was once his own? Funny, is it not? Whether this is the case or not, I realize that perhaps he is more relatable than I ever imagined."
"Regardless, I am certain many would not take kindly to me achieving the power of the Akasha and would even attempt to contest it. My men and the aid of an enslaved Dusk Queen will absolutely minimize any risk of failure. Although the Executioners were meant to be useful for the day I would open the gates to the Godly Stage, it seems that one has left its assigned home and recklessly wandered into a village. This is certainly going to alarm the meddlesome garbage that keeps getting in the way."
He lets out a sigh, followed up by a chuckle.
"Perhaps then, I should change the plan a little bit."