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Full Version: (Mini-Events) Executioner Hotspots
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[Image: unknown.png]
Executioner activity has been confirmed to be within the Alstalsia wilderness. One can only imagine why they are scattered across the continent's wilderness the way they are, but allowing them to linger for too long may prove troublesome in the long run.
If a brave soul desires, they can search for their locations and attempt to eliminate them. However, they are known to be incredibly powerful and wield Void magic. Facing an Executioner has been historically proven to be no easy task, and often has the soul stand before death's door.
Despite that, there may be warriors willing to fight against them for any reason.
Will you defy death, or meet your end?
You can now sign-up for Executioner Zones. It is a bit similar to the Plague Zones from before, only that you fight one encounter of really strong enemies. There are three hotspots available for sign-ups, and each one requires 4 participants minimum with 8 being the max amount. You can choose the difficulty if you want to participate but want something easier or tougher. You can do more than one zone, but keep in mind you can only sign-up for one at once. This is optional to do, but if all zones are cleared before July 10th, then no Executioners will appear in the final event.
In order to sign-up, ping me (Fern#5298) in the #event-discussion channel in the SL2 Discord and I will bring you to a Discord channel dedicated to the mini-event where you can also talk with the other participants and the like. The mini-events will be scheduled in accordance to the sign-ups' availability. It is recommended to be prepared with potions and the like before doing these fights. Highly advised to discuss the difficulty you want to choose with your party beforehand. As usual, you are allowed to Legend Extend before receiving the rewards if you want.
Easy: 1 Executioner, 100,000 EXP
Medium: 3 Executioners, 300,000 EXP
Hard: 4 Executioners, 500,000 EXP
Legend: 5 Executioners, 1 Legend Ink (per person), 1,000,000 EXP (must consent to major injury and/or death risks if this difficulty is chosen)

[Image: unknown.png]
Even if no one requested it, even if most people likely wouldn't be aware of their efforts... brave warriors went to face off against death itself.
For some reason or another, they faced a powerful foe that could have ended their lives with ease should they make any mistakes.
Miraculously, they managed to survive and tell the tale.

Suit of Scarred Steel
Aspirant Spirit
Blazing Rabbit
Pink-haired Snake
Rose Reverie
Enlightened Student
Indomitable Shaman
Little Bomber
How many days has it been? How long has it been?
The Executioners continue going on about their assigned duty- to await the orders of their master as they wander back and forth, patrolling almost mindlessly until the day to break into the sacred stage comes. Walk, walk, walk... walk and wait. Disobedience is bound to be met with punishment after all.
"Why did it have to end up like this? I just wanted to live and screw around with my cousins. And now... we are all here. We have completely lost ourselves with no way to get out, doomed to be slaves to the delusions of a lunatic."
As the days passed by, it couldn't have felt more dull - there was nothing going on that would feel any better. Or worse, for that matter. They were no longer people, and they were made to be perfectly aware of that. Only one mission was to be held in mind.
"I wonder how things would have been if none of this ever happened. If we weren't ever taken away from our homes and turned into this."
Tick, tock, tick, tock...
After what felt like an eternity, the patrolling Executioner would finally spot a group in the distance.
"No... I don't want to-"
Despite what a part of his mind may prefer, the rest of his entire being chooses to make a dash towards the newfound opposition at full speed. He instinctively prepares his scythe and vile magic as his eyes watch their prey like a hawk.
"No... stop! I don't want to kill anyone else!"
The others in the area quickly pay attention to the noise, taking that as the cue to give chase and aid their comrade in order to assassinate the visitors.
[Image: unknown.png]
"I don't want to hurt you. Please... please, move out of the way...!"
She launched her blazing spear towards the grass, rapidly igniting the surrounding area with an abyssal flame. To no one's surprise, the attack managed to reach her agile targets, shattering any semblance of hope she had for the idea that it wouldn't harm anyone.
"N-No... you have to move faster, be faster! I'm not that accurate, I-"
It almost felt like time was flying by. Before she knew it, she was reaching the brink of death herself, but not without automatically striking at the armored individual before her with more of her corrupted flames. Guilt swiftly plagues her mind and soul as she realizes just how much damage she has done to the man. Her mind, lost beyond belief, couldn't properly keep track of time or what was going on - she was in an eccentric, berserk-like state.
"I'm... I didn't... mean to... I..."
[Image: unknown.png]
"You seem to have so many comrades. It must... feel nice."
His purple eyes quickly change targets, taking note of all the Youkai present in the battle. His body makes its best attempts to catch up with the pressure attacking his own group, but it only seems to be going downhill.
"Despite all my time here, I've not felt company like that. I feel jealous."
"I can barely struggle against the monster that has been placed inside me. The other me... he has more power than I have."
He would then eventually glance at a strange figure... a robot, charging a beam of magical energy and readying itself to end his life.
"Do machines have feelings? I've always thought they didn't. Maybe I have become similar to one, then."
"But... I still feel something."
"Regret? Is this... regret? It hurts... it hurts so much."
The Executioner that had begun the attack at the very start of this chaos was on the brink of death, having witnessed nearly all of his comrades die out to the best efforts of the adventurers. His body had reached a horrible level of void poisoning, watching his limbs beginning to disappear before his very eyes. He weakly reached out a hand towards a wounded adventurer's direction, remaining on the ground and unable to stand up.
"No... I'm... sorry... for... causing this..."
"I'm... so... sorry..."
He managed to finally speak out his mind, some way or another, albeit in a very faint and only barely comprehensible manner.
"n......o........ s.....o.....r...r...y........"
"-I've no time for you, trash!"
His body was engulfed by a damaging blast of Sylphid magic, shortly followed by another attack of radiant light coming from another warrior in the area.
"Maybe... maybe that's what I deserve. I'm just a tool destined to die, as he's always told us."
"Maybe this is my destiny."
"Mom... I'm sorry..."
Whatever life was left in his eyes began disappearing, alongside the rest of his body.
"I won't be able to come home tonight."


[Image: zone_b.png]
Yet another pack of Executioners was successfully defeated by adventurers willing to take on the risks.
Less and less rumors about the Executioners have been circulating. Only one spot remains, and if it is successfully defeated, then perhaps...
Perhaps there will be a chance for victory in the day of judgement, then.

Faint Fencer - Malik Ago
Lethargic Lioness - Samantha Adavyr
Modern Onmyoji - Wu Dayi
Long-eared Bookworm - Abilene Caito
Knight - Rand Bulwark
Cloaked Tactician - Likho Morrigan
Ghostly Bite
The Reaper awakens from his slumber, having fallen asleep without noticing at all. He rises from his seat against the wall and picks up his scythe, quickly glancing over at his own armor to make sure that nothing suspicious happened. His attention soon focused upon the footsteps that were approaching his location.
"How was your sleep?"
That middle-aged face and gray hair, those piercing red eyes... it was none other than his master. It was unknown to him whether the question was asked out of genuine care or for some other purpose, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway - he couldn't talk because of the arcane seal placed upon his mouth.
"Once in a while, I ponder how it feels to be in your shoes. What your thoughts and emotions are like from an inside perspective."
The Executioner silently stares at his master, having no choice but to listen to his ramblings like the enslaved dog he is.
"Is this empathy? It's somewhat perplexing to me. I feel no pity for your kin, but I wonder what sentiments your soul keeps deep within at this point in time. Perhaps part of me would like to know if the experiment was completely successful, or if a mistake was made."
Unable to confidently confirm or deny this statement, the Reaper simply lowers his head.
[Image: zone_b_3.png]
"Hatred... regret..."
He is naught but on the brink of death, weakly raising his scythe in a vain attempt to strike at the enemy before him. The opposition seems more than ready to put him out of his misery, but they are raced by a stray arrow fired from the bow of a mysterious spectator with red hair and bright eyes.
Before he knew it, he was already leaving the world before him. His body disintegrated within a vile, purple smoke of energy as he lost the energy to keep on living. The last thing his eyes ever witnessed was a shattered battlefield stained with the blood of his kin.
[Image: zone_b_2.png]

[Image: zone_a_1.png]
All the Executioners that roamed the wilderness of Alstalsia have finally been put to rest.
Not only are they free from their eternal torment, but now they are unable to harm any innocent lives.
Their souls have moved on to Lazarus so that they may perpetually dream of their past life.
Memento mori.

Silver Gale - Amber Maria
Verdant Flame - Velvet
Scarlet Stunner - Claudia Yosuin
Maximum Fighter - Alceste Hirosaki
Knight with a Spear - Mikuel Oak
Lethargic Aegis - Nalton Pendeagon
Sheepish Shadow - Lianne Reyes
Red Marshal - Aurora Clersen
Congratulations! Executioners will no longer appear in the final battle.
[Image: zone_a_1.png]
[Image: zone_a_2.png]
[Image: zone_a_3.png]
[Image: zone_a_4.png]
[Image: zone_a_6.png]
[Image: zone_a_5.png]
"They are enigmatic emotions. I seldom question if it is a blessing or a curse that I've yet to feel any of them."
The man rises from his seat and calmly opens the door, stepping out of the shack. He puts his hands behind his back and stares at the ruined environment with a hum.
"Well, that was certainly an interesting show. Things might be a bit more interesting in the day of judgement, now that we are on more equal grounds."
[Image: zone_a_8.png]
"Still. What is a mortal to a god?"
(Credit to Whitender for helping take a lot of pictures! Very helpful, bless!)