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Full Version: [Worldly Happenings] Alstalsia Prepares
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Alstalsia Prepares:

The capital of Alstalsia is quiet for the first time since Deus, and their cult's tragedies, as tension hangs in the air. Even as dawn creeps over the horizon, and the readies another day, many citizens remain indoors, watching through their windows with anticipation as the morning dew, and mist slowly evaporate. Although rumours had run rampant the weeks prior, it is as if even the common folk can tell what lurks in the horizon.

[Image: uklhdRK.png]

It was that day, on the 27th of Geatovia, that the gates of the Nest swung open, and mounted soldier after soldier began to depart the iron-coloured walls, carrying with them banners of war, and pride-- the purple deer chosen to represent their duty. After the horses trailed numerous footmen, clad in solid steel, and armed to the teeth with pristine weapons of choice. And after them, caravans of supplies numbering towards the fifties. It would be the first time the united Alstalsian army would deploy together, and the weight of such an action was felt across the continent. The threat of Cornelius had been declared serious enough to warrant joint efforts from all the houses combined.

At the helm of the minor army rode a face familiar to many in capital: Anne Krank, the first Signifier-- the one whom carries the standard of Alstalsia. By the will of the Arbiter, she would lead the defensive efforts at the Godly Stage, and ensure victory for her nation. There would be no crowds to see her off however, nor cheers, nor jubilation. Just the worried looks from dark windows, made by a people unsure whether tragedy would once more come to haunt them. 

[Image: k16nAxS.png]

Whether time would see this as victory, or defeat, was yet to come. What was certain however, was that whatever met the united efforts of the the capital's forces at the base of the volcanic hellscape past Redgate would face a fierce battle.