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The Path to Virtues is a perilous one. You must be prepared, and fight for what you want.
They say that the victor and their chosen will gain all they want.
What would you do to gain that power?
Hello, this is your Eventmin Hoot coming in hot for a series of events known as the Virtuous Path! These events are based more around Roleplay, Puzzle Solving, and Morality. There will be hardly any mechanical battles in this eventline, if any.

The Events are inspired by things such as the Magical Girl genre, the Final Fantasy Series, and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog(Slightly).

If you have any questions, or wish to request something about the event after it's launched, just contact me as Hoot#1195 on Discord! More information might pop up here as the events go on, so stay updated once in awhile!

Prologue: Dark and Light

[Image: magic-circle-spellcasting.gif]

"Have you heard? Apparently there's been plagues of pitch darkness surrounding acres of land on Kysei."

"Do you think they're because of recent happenings? Maybe we're being cursed! What if it's another Monster?"

"We need to find out what's going on...! The villages near these zones are terrified."

A call for investigation! Residents of Kysei call out towards adventurers to keep a look out for lands plagued by darkness, as they seem to be entirely unnatural. They ask for a solution, as the magic appears to only fade with time, and can't be dispelled, or so it seems. Maybe there's a perpetrator, or maybe a monster has come about?

There's only one way to find out...

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(Picture taken by Whitender, thanks!)
The Darkness was destroyed, the Light was found. However, two sides have been made, and some have chosen one, some the other. Many chose not to take a side, not yet.
Lauren, the Bearer of the Neverending Darkness, has a plea to not be taken over.
Stella, the Bearer of the Everlasting Light, has a wish to see the world peaceful and prosperous.
Which one will get their wish...? Does this truly seem as childish and easy as it seems?