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Full Version: Sawrock's Non-Serious Suggestion Thread
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Instead of shitposting and moving posts of actual value down to the second page, I'll condense all my 59-out-of-60-seconds thoughts here.

spider kaelnesia. butt rope ability. more leg slots

a hamster youkai. it hate jewel give it seed. uh I guess if you have two of them and one's lower level, you lose the lower level one for a VIT upgrade on the higher level one. Once I had two gerbils and one ate out the other's brain from the skull

trees, but with less intentions

a never-ending supply of jam from a jammer seed donation item
To be fair, A spider race would be rad as hell. Bats too.
What that about your gerbils ? :fear:
Jammer girls literally never ;_;7
(10-16-2021, 11:29 PM)Snake Wrote: [ -> ]Jammer girls literally never ;_;7

None of us are free from this sin.
a llarian Scar but it's put into water to make... jam. people.

hat kaelnesia

a race that is youkai, but you can only log in if your summoner is logged in

bat kaelnesia but without wings and with gecko feet ; )

a llarian scar but it's just a normal rock.
trees but with all implications
Interactable garbage bins you can empty regularly using a talent, with the attached "Trash Master" role for each city, giving you the power to post "GARBAGE DAY" in the city once per in-game day which empties all trash cans. Of course not emptying trash will make the city less healthy which will cause a massive pain in the ass for the head doctor unless the trash master spams garbage day
new elements: meat. uncleanliness. naughty element

trees, but without limitations

a fruit by the foot but it occupies your leg slot

Jared Seto

a nation made up of only mechanations. the mechanationnation
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