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Full Version: Status Window
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The current status window when you click on someone looks a bit outdated, and could stand being updated to the new UI format I feel, this is just some QoL suggestion and shouldn't be high priority, but I'd like to see this sort of thing.

[Image: bdl1wgQ.png]

In particular I could see things like:

-Stats being organized like character screen stats, same with elemental ATKs, with their matching icons.
-Statuses gaining icons, and being organized a lot better, in a way that won't require you to expand the size of the window.
-HP/FP gaining bars that indicate the opponent's current percentage of that resource, allowing you to gauge a hit's impact a lot more effectively, and make calls. (Of course these would be hidden with mysterious effects)
-Maybe face icons to sort of add a more personal feel to clicking on people, just like their default icon in Character Stats.

And that's really it, if it matters any, I think it'd also do well being like the inventory when you open the window, so that you could still move it around.
I'll give a thumbs up to this, and also add that for myself personally, I can't lock the scroll bar to the bottom of the window in order to read the informational text that appears there. If I want to read it, I have to blow up the pop-up to full screen. Not a huge problem but figured I would mention it.
I just hope everything can fit in something you can't resize if your screen is smaller.