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Full Version: Height Request - Scathach Umbra'endes
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Applicable BYOND Key - EmmaAcc
Character Name - Scathach Umbra'endes
Request Type - Height
Request Details -  Requesting permission for height between 7'3 - 7'6 (whichever GM deem acceptable)
Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - Mainly for the RP aspect to fit what the character was made for.
Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - Scatchach is a Chimera that was worked on for the last few years by an Apertauri of the name "Co'sha Umbra'endes" whom had gained access to Albedo to learn various things for her own personal reasons, and when coming to the conclusion her first goal wasn't going to be something she could easily achieve, and with new family on the way she wanted to bring one part of her happiness back so that she could feel like she had atleast some of her family together again. Scathach was the result of this as she worked on creating something that matched how her deceased daughter would had they survived many years ago. Scatchach is her first attempt with Humonculi that was created in secret beyond a select few who knew of her secret project and was made to be a durable protector both for her now new siblings, and for those the Chimera grows attached to over time.

My main request is just for the height, it won't have any extra benefits or anything like that, just something I thought would match the character for what the creator aimed for in that regard with wanting to make sure what became the image of a memory wouldn't fall to fates hands. I do thank you for your time and consideration on this request.

If needed I can supply a picture of the character for reference either here or on Discord (Desiree#9013) just for an idea whom the Chimera is playby wise.
I get the feeling that being a secret homunculi chimera is not going to be a very well-kept one. Especially if you want those height ranges and you intend to roleplay in public often.

Otherwise you're free to use that height range, I'll approve it for the chimera but if you're abusing it any other GM can revoke it.

Also keep in mind that homunculi are not a way to raise the dead 1 for 1 or stuff a soul in to substitute for an older character. As long as its a new character you're good.
It is a new character, the mentioned character mentioned on that was entirely from a character's backstory in the matter; that said thank you very much! I won't be abusing it by any means or anything like that.