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Full Version: The chrome head filled with conspiracies.
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About three years ago, in Karaten, an up and coming artificer, Frank Alkran was commissioned to make a Mechanation.  Apparently a Noble missed his late father, and wanted a mechanation made in his image.

However, the commission was quite budget constrained, and some corners needed to be cut.

Discount materials were purchased and used, and the quality of said materials reflects the price.  The Llarian scar being no exception, it was purchased from an unscrupulous merchant, and was deeply flawed, clearly having not fully 'ripened' before harvest.

Nevertheless, Alkran continued his work, day in and day out for months, fashioning the Mechanation, until the day came to perform basic testing.  Just hooking things up enough to make sure the arms and legs work, and such.  Alkran put on his welding mask, and made the final welds for the test.

However, this did not go as planned.  The Mechanation jumped up, leaping from it's bed, pointing at Alkran, still wearing his welding mask, pointed and shouted "ALBEDO RESEARCHER!  HELP!  HE'S TURNING ME INTO A CHIMERA!", and then immediately fled the building; the crazy, half-built mechanation going around, telling the guards about how his creator is an Albedo researcher, trying to turn him into a chimera/mechanation hybrid.

Frank realized how fortunate he was to have been wearing a mask the whole time, and carefully evaluated the situation.  While yes, he is well within his rights to re-capture the rogue mechanation, to reclaim it's parts and try to repair it, he determined that it's probably a good idea to NOT claim ownership of that travesty.  After all, being known as the creator of the nutbag who went around claiming it's creator was an Albedo researcher making a chimera/mechanation hybrid isn't worth the cost of the parts.  So he just abandoned it, and pretended that he has no relation to it.

And so, the mechanation has travelled around, his deeply flawed scar giving him the 'insight' needed to piece together various conspiracy theories, which he espouts loudly.

List of conspiracies he's given:
  • There are invisible wyvernriders over Sigrogana dumping mindcontrol potions over the populace.
  • Focus is actually the airborne versions of the aforementioned potions.
  • Mercalan magic is a finite resource, and that's why the church rations it through the tenets.
  • The Gazebo district houses a secret basement where Albedo harvests parts for use in chimeras.
  • The reason people can't find Mersales is because it's in the future.  Elves reach Sigrogana from Mersales by time traveling.
  • Mechanations are actually people that the church failed to heal and put them into a robotic body instead.
  • The purpose of the scar is to hide the memories of the mechanation's previous life.
  • The flaws within his own scar allow him to remember fragments of his previous human life.  He was a farmer.
  • Hyoya doesn't exist.  It is merely a mass hallucination caused by exposure to the cold.