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Full Version: Verdicts from The Holy Tribunal of the Church of Mercala
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All IC verdicts made by the Holy Tribunal of the Church will be posted in this thread.

From the Holy Tribunal of the Church of Mercala
With Wisdom from Our White Lady
With Reverence for Our White Lady

[Image: USZPn09.png]

It has been decreed and finalized on [5/21/2022] that one Almvar Raan, who once served Our White Lady as a Priest, is found guilty of multiple charges of frivolously and irresponsibly abusing Mercana, experimenting with Mercana after being denied permission to do so, and for colluding with dark forces to malign the holy Mehana bloodline and tie them in with Huggessoa, in-so doing seeking to tarnish Her Radiance's and Bright Vajistra's Holy Name and spreading propaganda that The Voice of Our White Lady, Mercala, Goddess of Life, is a Huggessoan impostor.

Let it be known that for the counts of multiple frivolous abuses of Mercana, Almvar Raan is publicly DENOUNCED and stripped of all ranking as a Priest of Mercala. This verdict and sentencing directly ties in to the following verdict and sentencing, and the Church of Mercala will continue to actively discourage and moderate Mercana so that it is not used as the only tool for healing or mending, for such would stoke the flames of complacency in an already complacent world.

Let it be known that for the count of illegally experimenting with Mercana, adapting the Almighty Grasp of Our White Lady, and using it to bless illegally and immorally exhumed corpses to draw rot from crops, Almvar Raan's ties to Our White Lady's boon shall be degraded. Although the Church recognizes Almvar Raan's misguided attempts in wishing to stave off starvation for those affected by rotting crops and a slow harvest, the Church has other resources Almvar Raan could have tapped into, and the Church does not and will never support nor recommend such methods in which would not only subject the corpses to further degradation and disrespect, but further sorrow for those mourning the dearly departed.

Let it be known that for the count of conspiring and acting to tarnish Her Radiance's holy name and tout Her as a Huggessoan impostor through the formation and propagation of a splinter-sect known as 'Xanthosis', in-so doing maligning Our White Lady and seeking to greatly depreciate the value of Her Wisdom and Words, Almvar Raan shall be indefinitely incarcerated and subject to re-education so that he may truly know Our White Lady once more. Upon improvement, there is a chance for this sentence to be commuted. Let it also be noted that in no form or method would The Voice of Mercala ever be an impostor; there is no force in this world, no magic or ingenuity, that which could emulate the true divinity that The Voice of Mercala is able to project when channeling Our White Lady.

The Church of Mercala takes such immoral and illicit acts seriously, especially when committed by one of the cloth. This verdict and sentencing was not made lightly.

The above verdict was handed down unanimously by High Priestess Mavis Haemin, High Priestess Eli Sequoia, and attending priestess Hildred Raske, whom all served as the justices of the Holy Tribunal.