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Frozen Tentacles - Pyro - 07-12-2023

Accessory idea

Frozen Charm
+5 Ice ATK

Aquamancer tentacles are now ice. They now deal ice damage and count as solid.
Aquamancer water tiles now spawn as ice.
Black bubble now spawns as ice.
All other sources of water tiles spawn them as ice.

RE: Frozen Tentacles - Fern - 07-12-2023

pyro servant of dark authority fan showing
having more stuff similar to servant of dark authority even if it's in the form of accessory would be very fun

RE: Frozen Tentacles - Dezark - 07-13-2023

I can see the verglas/hexer - verglas/aquamancers appearing already..

joking aside, sounds like it could be a neat accessory over all, certainly worth considering.

RE: Frozen Tentacles - Poruku - 07-13-2023

Servant of a cool authority Smile

Yeah we need more shit like this for sure. Add this style of variation to every class, and then make it possible to play swa-based phys builds to certain classes too. Like for instance, making verglas pure phys