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[Board]Buying: Asago House Ticket - Dia Cykes - 10-25-2016

Looking for : A seller of an Asago House Ticket ***OR*** someone willing to sell off 500 Asagorians.

Willing to pay 50,000 murai obo. Have cash on hand, first offer at our price will be first offer taken.

Will haggle, however if someone comes in with a better price or an immediately obtainable price, it will trump your offer.

Who's the one looking? Kit, of course! Can normally be found at the central pool area in Cellsvich, but quite often adventures around!

If interested in making money, please take a flyer below and write a time on it and plaster it back on the board, and Kit will be sure to meet up with you ASAP!

And if you happen to find someone out in the wilderness that looks like this:


That's ME! I'll take Offers on the spot too! So hurry up! Offer wont last long, SOMEBODY wants the cash!

Re: [Board]Buying: Asago House Ticket - Dia Cykes - 10-25-2016

Offer is over, item has been bought. Thank you for your offers!