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[Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 10-18-2019

Sigrogana Legend 2 Reckoning Calculator
Originally made by Nano. Currently being updated by Miller#0869
[Image: unknown.png]

An actively updated calculator intended to make planning out builds a lot easier and with much less experimentation in game.

Google Drive in question:
(Note: The calculator has been reported to alert antivirus programs. The calculator is safe and virus free.)

This has been tossed around on Discord previously but after confirming with Nano, I'll now be posting all updates to the Calculator on a google drive for anyone to grab.

Any suggested/requested features or bugs should be directly private messaged to me on the forums.

Re: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 01-12-2020

Updated with Rune Magician's class stats.

Fixed Omina base SAN.

RE: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 07-24-2020

Updated with Shapeshifter's class stats.

Fixed Luminary Element.

RE: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 08-15-2020

Updated Youkai Stats
Added Grimalkin Instinct (Only visible when Grimalkin is selected)
Adjusted Vampire Essence (Only visible when Vampire is selected)
Added Youkai Cap indicator
Added Warwalk(Enchant), Fortitude(Soldier Skill) and Pain Tolerance (Ghost Skill) checks.
Lich HP value adjusted.
Slight adjustment to program look. (More condensed, Nano's left over was moved to the print screen.)

RE: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 12-29-2020

Added every weapon currently in the game in the Weapon Calculator as presets. (WIP)
Mutation for each rarity added to the Weapons' Form.
Aquamancer stats added.

Known Issues:
Lich's racial isn't going off of base SAN.
Vampire's Sanguine Crest Ele Res is always applying.

Big thanks to:
Pinny, SolAndLuna, Kit for helping with cataloging each weapon into the calculator.

Fixed in quick update: 1.04a
Battleaxe was incorrectly listed as a 2 star weapon.
Wo-Dao was incorrectly listed as a 3 star weapon.
Wrist Guard renamed from Guard to avoid confusion.

Mutation/Floating/Gigantic added

RE: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 02-23-2021

Calculator updated to V1.05

If Google Drive flags the calculator as a virus, I highly recommend copying it to your google drive and downloading it from there.

Lich HP should be accurate.
Dynamic Tome and Anchor Edge scaling adjusted
Main Class and Sub Class passive stat bonuses added.
Homunculi have been added with their base stats and HP reduction, please DM/PM me if any values are incorrect.
Slight changes to races which may cause a few issues I might've overlooked.
Sanguine Crest box now properly disappears upon race switch and its elemental resistance/weakness no longer always applies.

RE: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 05-23-2021

Calculator has been updated to V1.06

Food added. (Will be fixed up to fit better later.)
Heron stats added. (Correct me if any of the values are incorrect.)
Autohit check added. (Might be inaccurate.)

All Stamps/LE button.
Reset Stat Distribution
Moving Class bonuses to the now defunct Traits window.

RE: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 09-04-2021

Calculator has been updated to V1.07G


Weapon's Form Changes
Removed Autohit check (Will be reenabled if needed)
Added Tag checkbox, allows you to check the tags for a specific weapon.
All Weapons were tagged properly and should now scale the same as in game.
Weapon stats were adjusted to reflect live. (Report incorrect values to me via forum PM or DM at Miller#0869.)
Weapon parts were adjusted to reflect live.
Guns now get +6 power from the upgrade checkbox.
Added Raid Revolver Cannon.

Base Form Changes
DEF/RES changed to 0.9 per point.
LUC no longer gives Hit/Evade per point.

Big Thanks to:
Whitender(Axes, Daggers, Swords), Pinny(Fists), SolAndLuna(Guns, Bows, Tomes), Fern(Polearms), Autumn (Tags) for assisting with updating all of the weapons.

Extended Pole wasn't listing the correct value.

RE: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - Miller - 09-25-2021

Calculator has been updated to V1.07GG

Adjusted Gun part values to properly reflect in game values.

Bug Fix
Crystal Blade was added to the weapons' form.

RE: [Tool] SL2 Reckoning Calculator - adamkad1 - 01-21-2022

Would be nice if calculator accounted for homunculi physique (1 less hp per VIT, one more fp per WIL)