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Option to Disable Gamepad - Shadbase - 12-28-2021

What it says on the tin.
I'd like to have the option to entirely disable gamepad inputs for SL2.

SL2 will often read gamepad inputs despite it not being the active window, which will move around the character 'randomly' and is EXTREMELY annoying for people who play other games (like me) while waiting for people to post, or while hosting an LFG.
Not to mention the BUG with control input, where sometimes SL2 will read a controller input, and then FORCE hold it, which makes the character move in one direction (usually diagonal) for me until the controller is COMPLETELY unplugged.

Whether for the intentional support or the bug, I just want the option to turn it off. Most people don't even know SL2 has the support for a gamepad, let alone use it. I only know about it because of this problem.

RE: Option to Disable Gamepad - Autumn - 12-28-2021

Oh the mount of times where I've ran around randomly as I'm playing a different game in the background, if this is possible I'd like to see it, but I think its native to BYOND itself so I have my doubts.