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Cast Order - renowner - 10-04-2022

Cast order's skill description says that its supposed to raise the power of the next spell cast. However, its status description says otherwise. And in practice my offensive spells are not gaining any power. 
[Image: 5bb2d14a30.png]

[Image: 5f8a5af1dc.jpg]

RE: Cast Order - Neus - 11-06-2022

I've corrected the description. However, I'm not seeing the issue with no increased spell power - keep in mind it only applies to offensive category spells, much like Mystic Magic and Leeched Energy.

RE: Cast Order - renowner - 11-07-2022

The issue is its not increasing spell power at all. And the reduced fp cost effect is applied to Arcane formation already. None of the other orders and formations have overlap, so you'd expect one to be lowered cost, and the other to be increased power.

Spell power of offensive category spells are not being increased while under cast order as of 2.65.