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    Thread: what if dullahans could have hair
Post: what if dullahans could have hair

this is not a joke thread. please allow dullahan sprites to have hair. i've got like ten dollars in my bank account. is that enough of a bribe?
Suggestions 6 1,124 02-09-2022, 12:34 AM
    Thread: Gorgons & Goblins Event Application
Post: Gorgons & Goblins Event Application

Main Byond Key: Synzy Discord: clockwork wriggler#5686 This is a placeholder post for a private application I've submitted to the GM team. It is for an event that will have a substantial impact on th...
Event Applications 0 823 02-02-2022, 12:05 AM
    Thread: The Leaderboards [July 2021]
Post: RE: The Leaderboards [July 2021]

Character: Foe Valince Character Key+Slot: Synzy.slot1 Do you have your arena book?: Yes. What Division are you interested in: Singles. What do the arena staff know about you?: She's got a passion for...
Sigrogana 13 3,753 07-07-2021, 01:07 AM
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