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    Thread: The camping experience
Post: The camping experience

I feel like we're missing out on a HUGE opportunity to foster awesome rp within the main gameplay loop. If you rest nearĀ a campfire, every hour game tick you'll gain +5 lvl to a status called well r...
Suggestions 1 78 03-23-2023, 04:51 PM
    Thread: Nation Resources and Status
Post: Nation Resources and Status

If you look at the official Korvara website, you'll learn that Geladyne is a place with not much food. And Telegrad is a place with a lot of food. This sort of concept is crucial to the world's dynami...
Suggestions 7 259 03-23-2023, 07:20 AM
    Thread: Shared Chests
Post: Shared Chests

Is it possible to add a craftable chest that can be accessed by others with a key or by guild rank or something of the sort? It'd make stacking items amongst other players a lot easier. This is reall...
Suggestions 10 480 01-28-2023, 11:26 AM
    Thread: Friendship
Post: Friendship

A way for players to friend each other on their characters. What this, in effect, does is allow for them to view if the other person is online-- like the GUILD system already allows for players of th...
Quality-of-Life (QoL) 7 597 09-21-2022, 06:41 AM
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