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Commonwealth of Heim (Anubite Clan)
[Due to recent events, the Anubites are out of commission. They returned to Egwyn for the sake of continuity. Anything Anubite related is intellectual property of Breakaway~totheweird. Nothing should be used regarding them unless permission is given by Breakaway~totheweird. Thank you.]
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It was a different smell of air. The sun was shining high over the hills, reflecting off of the calm water's surface. The town was bustling with loud merchants and cawing seagulls that flew circles in the air. The atmosphere seemed pretty welcoming.

The ship docks, and the ramp had been set for passengers to exit and go about their business. Enter Gen-mu Anubite, the devilishly handsome teen with an endless search for adventure. And perhaps other miscellaneous things. Exiting the boat, he carefully observes the new town. There was a military stationed somewhere here, right? Something about tribes warring and blah blah. It was faint, but he re-called that this town in particular had been of use for something important. That aside, a fierce grumbling takes place. Had a feral beast run rampant in the town? No...

He places a hand on his stomach, which rumbled so loud it might've been on it's deathbed. Reaching into his pockets, he pulls out absolutely nothing, save for some pocket lint.

"..Damn. Well alright, stomach. All you can eat air buffet." he jokes, but damn something savory hit his nostrils. He turns in the direction of a local dine-in, and immediately makes his way over. He hadn't money, nor good intentions. But he did have a sword, and a soon to be full belly.
-- And there he stood, front and center of The Brave Pirate Inn & Tavern. Stereotypical, weathered planks of nailed wood composed this establishment's facade; faded azure color peeled off in chunks. The girth on such a place overwhelmed its ancient entrance. It could house several dozens of drunken sailors in one evening and then some. Which its owner probably did daily, considering how heavy these seedy vibrations leaked out. Those in their right minds would do a complete turn-around to avoid any sort of potential confrontation. Admittedly, there were the courageous souls who completely shove aside warning signs in lieu of fairly-priced drinks and a cute girl in their lap.

Stepping inside, possibly expecting rowdy attendants, failed to meet apprehensions once crossing the threshold. Where were all of the swashbuckling buccaneers cheering on pretty, dancing ladies? Not that it was empty; gaggles of patrons sat at designated tables, being uncharacteristically quiet and subdued. One spot would be occupied by two elves surrounded by a party of various sorts. They seemed to be deeply engrossed in some sort of card game. Maybe it's that Yen-Ten game people continue to talk about. Either way, most of them reeked of strong alcohol and were openly armed, which only furthered suspicious undertones.

There was a burly leporidae man stationed behind the counter. Ignoring all visual indicators of this male's violent past, he looked to be the friendliest. Floppy, rabbit ears somehow offset those scars and missing eye. He glared over at whoever entered through the doors with glass and cloth in hand. Gruff vocals called out over the dimmed hummings of other visitors. "What'll ya have, stranger?"
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After stepping inside, one thing became largely apparent. It had definitely grown quieter, much to his surprise. A curious look around immediately told him that this place either wasn't popular, or was known to house some sort of trouble. ..His kind of place. His footfalls bring him forward towards the front counter, floorboards squeaking with every step. The atmosphere of the place didn't phase him much, and coupled with his groaning stomach he would've gone through enemy territory to get here if that had been the case.

He looked as if he belonged to a place such as this, Gen-mu no stranger to a bad part of town. As he finally approaches the counter, he examines the man on the other side. Damn.. he looked as if he had been through some shit, and that glare probably meant that he wasn't to be messed with. That made two of them. He could immediately relate, and a smirk fashions upon his visage. He turns to the side, scanning the room once more, perhaps for potential feminine company.

"The biggest plate of food you can give, and an ale." he orders. His stomach grumbled in agreement with this, as if sealing the deal.
Another big spender. "We got ya standard ale, apple ale, and plum ale. Tha's a new one. Shipped in from 'Unaybis, too."

While Gen-mu sat on those three choices, the large bartender lugged himself to a well-lit doorway before slamming meaty digits against its frame. "Ya heard the man. Get 'im some of that braised pig, stack it up high." He trudged over to where he stood recently and went back to what barkeeps do best: tediously shine glass mugs. One would be wiped down to a science. It was raised towards a lantern for further appraisal. Nothing but clean air could be spotted. That's some damn-good glassware tiding. "So, whassah Anubite doin' here? Makin' trades?" Not a second later and the leporidae clarified himself. "Ya got the looks of an Anubite. Might be wrong, but I've seen enough of 'em to know."

On the front of plausible female companions: there were none. Almost every seat next to intoxicated customers was taken by skimpily-clothed workers. They laughed and flirted, a select few making it painfully obvious what their mission was.
[Image: 21b2ouq.png]
"Gimme the regular." he says as the choices were presented to him. Gen-mu was far from fancy, that might've been evident by the baggy clothes that he wore. His gaze shifts back onto the burly bartender, his search bearing unfortunate results. A drink alone seemed to be in his future, but that happened often considering how his intentions often got the better of him. He takes a seat on one of the worn stools which creaked so loud, it would've surely broken down if he had been ten pounds heavier.

Idle chatter gave him something to do until his order arrived, and he casually rests his hands on the back of his head as he responded. "Just passin' through. Heard some interestin' things about this place, decided to pay a visit." Another brief glance to his left at one of the workers, and his attention found itself back onto the bartender. Gen-mu doesn't elaborate on the man's Anubite suspicion for whatever reason, but he does pose a question of his own.

"What's the story behind this place? You guys never thought about makin' the place look more invitin'? With as many people as it is out there, you're clearly missin' out on money." he says. It was a pretty honest observation.
"Regular, comin' right up." A response which involved carrying his newly-cleaned tankard over to towering barrels, amber liquids soon filling its hull. This process included giving some old spigot three, hard pounds of the hand and forcing its handle to turn. Whatever struggle endured came with favorable results as glass clanked onto the counter area in front of Gen-mu. Seconds later and a plate heaped with roasted boar flesh laid before him, drizzled with oils and fragrant spices. Bent pieces of silverware dropped beside everything else. All of it was mapped out in a haphazard manner, though looked delicious. Time to dig in.

Following his exemplary customer service, the tavener idly leaned his back against a different ledge and busied himself with scrubbing down more dishes. "It might lose its charm if we go an' class it up," he'd quip. "Makin' this place up means dipping into our funds, and dipping into our funds mean up-charging. Food, drinks, girls; they'd cost ya more than what you're willing to spend. Then, everyone will turn to somewhere else dumpier than this joint, but has great prices." Something between a chuckle and grunt erupted from him. "I'm better off like this."

"Story? Nah, there's not much to it other than inheriting the place from an old, old man who taught me just enough to get started."

That crater of a missing eye stared over at at the lupine for countless seconds. No words spoken, and a beaten-up envelope was scooted over to where the lad sat at. "Dunno if you're the right guy or not, but maybe ya should take a look at it. See where that'll get ya."
[Image: 21b2ouq.png]
Manners are no where to be found as the alcoholic beverage is slid in his direction. A sip from the cup is immediately followed by a brief gaze in either direction. In actuality he was planning his run before he even had the need to do so, and the clearest route out of the door would be the he took. Unfortunately, the money he did have was put to use in getting him to this destination. It made no difference to him, however. If he could get out without resistance, that was fine. If not, the sword on his back could be put to excellent use. His thoughts are interrupted when his nose catches a whiff of something truly delicious. Almost immediately his stomach responds in a low grumble, and the succulent pork is presented before him in all of it's meaty glory.

His eyes were as wide as dinner plates, and he wasted no time in digging in. At his side, a knife and a fork resided, and they'd be skillfully used in tandem to cut through the meal that sat before him. He eats like a wild man, as if he had went days without much of anything. He hears the bartender speak, but by now the only indication that he was listening were small grunts and burps. His pace gradually began to slow, and eventually he pulls back with a heavy sigh. The entire boar had been devoured, nothing left but a plate of bones stacked on the table. His belly is comically expanded, and it was then that he's slid a letter.

Fuck.... the bill.

Curious about as to how much he might have owed, he wastes little time in opening the letter to read the words displayed. Depending on what he saw.. he'd probably break off into a sprint right there.
The sun was shining, the wind was breezy, and the sea was gleaming. Commonwealth of Heim was crowded with adventurers, soldiers, merchants, and citizens.

A transport ship docked, and a bunch of passengers departed from the ship. One of these passengers was Hiru Anubite. Hiru Anubite was a traveler in search for knowledge of unarmed combat styles to help improve his fighting style, or skills to wining a fight. Hiru says with a tired voice, because he woke up when the ship hit port "Hmm...the docks might not be a good place to start off a search for combat training. *yawns* I have to... go find the famous landmark Heim Academy of Heaven. Hopefully I can enter there, and find a unarmed combat instructor."

Hiru walks around trying to find a map of Commonwealth of Heim, and if he can't find a map he would ask random strangers around the area for directions towards Heim Academy of Heaven.
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Numerous sailors and sea-worthy adventures populated a bustling dock. Piles of hemp ropes scattered about various parts, crates of freshly captured fish, and weight, metal anchors added to this maritime atmosphere. Boisterous shouts involving instructions, and the occasional swear word echoed from both port and vessels. Rugged individuals passed by as they went about their daily happenings. What could their stories be? Maybe they hold tales of fighting off deadly creatures inhabiting the waters or defending their stash from pirates! Who knew?

Luckily for the young boy getting his land legs once again, the apparent crowd dispersed enough for anyone to spot out something: a map of Heim pasted onto a wooden noticeboard. It stood some feet away.
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