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Commonwealth of Heim (Anubite Clan)
The sun was shining, the wind was breezy, and the sea was gleaming. Commonwealth of Heim was crowded with adventurers, soldiers, merchants, and citizens.

A transport ship docked, and a bunch of passengers departed from the ship. One of these passengers was Hiru Anubite. Hiru Anubite was a traveler in search for knowledge of unarmed combat styles to help improve his fighting style, or skills to wining a fight. Hiru says with a tired voice, because he woke up when the ship hit port "Hmm...the docks might not be a good place to start off a search for combat training. *yawns* I have to... go find the famous landmark Heim Academy of Heaven. Hopefully I can enter there, and find a unarmed combat instructor."

Hiru walks around trying to find a map of Commonwealth of Heim, and if he can't find a map he would ask random strangers around the area for directions towards Heim Academy of Heaven.
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