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Skill Quotes for character death/KO
You know how RPGs have this thing where if a character goes down, they say something like...

"D-Damn it... not here...!"



Can we have the ability to have skill quotes work for when our characters hit 0 HP so we can have something like this? I imagine the Skill Name for it would be something like, "ko" or "death" in lowercase.

I think stuff like this showing up when someone goes down could be neat:
[Image: VWPprfZ.png]

A bit unrelated and probably harder to implement (?) but maybe there also could be one for when another ally that isn't yourself died. It could probably be "allydeath" or "ally death."

The reason I name them like that is so they don't conflict with other things in the future / are less likely to.
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]
Wouldn't use it, personally, but I don't see an issue with something like this. One problem I could see is if you have the ally death one, it'd have to ignore things like dark eyes and papilion butterflies, otherwise it could become a bit... spammy.
[Image: unknown.png]
لا أستطيع الموت ... ليس بعد ... الحكم السماوي لا يزال يبحث عني. لا يمكنني التخلي عنها. ليس الان ولا هنا ولا ابدا إنها تعني الكثير بالنسبة لي للسماح لها بالرحيل ...

حتى لو حاول هذا حثالة وأفضل مني ، سأضمن أن حياتها على الأقل أفضل. لقد وعدت ، فلماذا ... لماذا لا يتحرك جسدي؟ كل شيء يشعر بالضبابية ، غائم ... الحكم. هل هذا حكم؟ هل وصلت أخيرا إلى النهاية؟

وقتي انتهى ... لم يتحقق ...؟ لا لا لا لا لا لا لا. تحرك ، جسم!

خطوة خطوة خطوة! لماذا لا تتحرك ؟!

لماذا ... أخبرتك حتى أنني أحببت هذا المنشور ... كنت سأكون هناك من أجلك ... لذا لماذا ؟!

قلت لك أنني سأشهد عيد ميلادك القادم ، غير العالم معك. لقد أخبرتك حتى أنه يجب أن يكون لدينا خيار عندما يتم إحيائك أيضًا.

فلماذا .... من فضلك. لا تدع الأمر ينتهي هنا ... قف ... أرجوك .................................. ..رجاء......

I mean sure, why not? Anime RPG is one of our tropes anyway.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
It's just favor so sure, nothing too serious.
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: BAWqB6P.png]
I'm all for this. It'd also be pretty neat if we could do the same thing for HP values of 25% and 50%, since those are when the color indicators change and various skills proc, such as Rising Game or Instinct. 'criticalhealth' and 'halfhealth' or something of the sort.

[Image: tenor.gif]
Bump. I lied on the last, but yes this is the last now.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Maybe we can do this with Last Chance and Die Hard as well, characters getting up while saying something along the lines of "I cannot lose.." or just a Ghost hard on death's drug smiling after getting a stab that should've put them down before the round ends with a potential turnabout.

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