Poll: Do you think Party Scaling is a good system?
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Yes, but it should be limited by a 15-level distance necessity.
4 33.33%
Yes, but it should be limited to static dungeons.
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Yes, but it should be a dungeon modifier.
3 25.00%
Yes, and I think it should be standard, without limits.
4 33.33%
No, I do not think Party Scaling is a good system.
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Scaling Monsters
I like the idea of a party scaling system as long as the rewards are justified and not a waste of everyone's precious time. Some values would need to be worked upon or tweaked such as I disagree with the regeneration of health for 4 party members, but overall it seems promising enough.

In the end as long as time and effort is equal to or greater than the possible rewards from tackling a dungeon with 4 players rather than solo, I can see it being a way to possibly enjoy the game in a new light.
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(07-06-2020, 09:41 PM)Maksimum_Fire Wrote: ...

At two party members:  50% more enemies spawn.  Enemies get a status that gives them +2 Mov.  Miniboss prefixes become slightly more common.(25% chance+ per monster)

At three party members:  Two party member effects, and enemies have a chance to spawn closer, as if they performed a back attack.  If players back attack the monsters, then they instead spawn far away.    Miniboss prefixes become much more common.(50% chance+ per monster)

At four party members:  Two and Three party member effects, plus:  Enemy spawns are increased by another 50% from base(for a total of 200%).  Enemies get a status that makes them Regenerate half their level HP per round, for the first three rounds of combat.  Miniboss prefixes become extremely common(75% chance+ per monster+guaranteed for at least one enemy per fight).  Appropriate boss encounters for the area have a (5 times floor level)% chance to replace half the enemy spawns.

These are not set in stone ideas, just the things that came to mind as I came up with this post- I'm open to more suggestions from other players on the topic! 


I'm not sure if I missed this point somewhere in your post or if it was meant to just be implied, but I get the distinct impression that these changes are vastly more significant in their implications on grinding ten star items (especially of the Boss variety) than Murai.  While I don't disagree with the premise that grinding with a party for any reason beyond safety is often tedious and unrewarding, it seems a little disingenuous to present these shifts as a means to get extra Murai when it would more often than not be used to dredge up tons of items from multi-boss dungeons.  I acknowledge, of course, that the ideas themselves are not set in stone and that this particular feedback is largely related to those specific ideas.

With that criticism out of the way, however, I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing.  Based on my understanding of how the SL2 loot table works with parties (I may be wrong here, this is anecdotal), it's often unfavorable to fight with a party because you have to get lucky enough for the desired item to show up on the loot table to begin with, then get lucky enough to be the member of your party who earns the item.  If you challenge a Core floor boss 4 times, one fight solo for each individual member of the group, you can earn potentially four of the desired item, instead of a maximum of one by going in together.

Keeping all of this in mind, I'm not sure a baseline system that auto-enables at level 45 to spike both how difficult and how lucrative a dungeon is to a party is the approach I'd take.  First and foremost, I think the base PvE experience with party members needs to be made more lucrative with no strings attached.  I would personally just allow every single party member full Murai from each fight, so long as they were within the 15 level limit that currently gates experience gains (up to 400% more Murai per fight with a full team compared with solo play). 

However, I think additional challenge/reward modifiers like the ones you've suggested could make PvE more interesting overall -- and that they should, in some capacity, exist as an opt-in system.  Whether that's a dungeon prefix, a settings toggle in options (like the toggle party leaders use to disable/enable mercenaries), or something else entirely, I firmly believe players should have the option to choose not to engage with the added difficulty level if they don't want to.

To Summarize:
  • I believe the modifiers you suggested will have a vastly more profound impact on item farming than Murai.
  • I agree with the premise that PvE is unrewarding with a party, because you spend more time to get less money and possibly lose items to your teammates.
  • I think base PvE with a party should be more rewarding, without any additional strings attached.
  • Added difficulty for group-play, like the modifiers you suggested, seems like it would generally make PvE more interesting to engage with for people looking for more items/money/challenge/engaging gameplay, and I think it should exist in some capacity (more so than we already have).  I heavily believe this sort of thing should be optional, and not forced.  

I agree in that the setting should be optional so people are not forced to deal with it if they don't really feel like it. It sounds like the sort of thing that'd best go into Preferences.

I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of it being a dungeon prefix, though. My two cents is that it should be a general thing rather than being restricted to a dungeon prefix when it comes to having a system that can reward you for gathering people to play.
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