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Uwu what's dis
Yes, please kill me for the title.

Currently the trait Lovely Face isn't available to Corrupted. I can understand there are several reasons why this might be, namely given Shaitan's physical mutations and Papilion's craziness, and the inherent 'seeing them differently' that comes with the group in general. You could make a solid case for Theno as well. However, I think at least Umbral and Oracle shouldn't fall under this restriction. Umbrals are, more or less, very similar to ordinary humans aside from a few slight physical oddities (and you know, the darkness thing) while Oracles are not only near-identical aside from their eyes, but also have a good reputation going for them.

Basically, I'm saying I can't think of any reason they can't also do a little blowy blowy kissy if they have the guile and the looks. If big snake women, keepers of the underworld, and so on can do it, they should too. I feel like it makes sense.
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I have thought that it's very odd for Oracle and Umbral to be unable to get Lovely Face, for a pretty long long while now. I agree with the suggestion.

On a similar note, I think Mechanations should be able to use Lovely Face too. They look similar enough to humans as well.
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I want to be winked at by a cute corrupted and/or mech so I have to support this.
Oh no.
I don't think it should be limited by race. The need for GUI and WIL scaling already makes it limited enough.
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