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The Flame Badger Company Post Mortem
I'm not exactly the best person to explain our perspective as guards at the time, given that my character's involvement with The Badgers was minimal at best due to him being much more concerned on Black Falcon, (It was Varen, in case anyone needs to know) but I will do my best anyways to hopefully clear up some of our parts.

For starters let me address one of the direct points made:

Quote: The badgers have had an interesting relationship with the guards of Sigrogana. For an organization that seems to so often complain quietly that they are never involved, and that there is nothing to do, they seem awfully content to let brazen criminals operate in the open at the first sign of back bone. When the same person is called into arjav for questioning, three times on strange charges, and gives half answers, and questionable defenses, one might think an investigation would be in order.

I agree with you that we had little in the way of force at the time, I will attempt to defend my colleagues as best as I can, but at the time in question I believe there was still Black Falcon nonsense going on, reaching its apex rather quickly, a couple of us were solely fixated on that, while the remainders could focus on your situation with the Badgers, I want to also note out that we have been in an ongoing overhaul with the Guard chat for over 18 months now, only sparsely being propelled along when we are graced by Chaos' presence every half a year, please understand that we only have a few guards right now who actually care about the job deeply enough to respond, and be active at the time.

I would very often mention that we are more of a fan of constant contact, but you lead into that in your next paragraph.

Quote:Giddy, and having learned from my past mistakes I made sure there was a line of contact out of character between me and a member of the guards who was involved with the investigation. We were discussing terms, dates, and all was going well until very suddenly I was told “It seems the church knights will be conducting the investigation instead.”

For one let me just thank you for having done so, very often are we subject to not being contacted for things we should be in the know about, especially if someone were to desire our presence and characters to be involved with the situation that is being created. People often like to forget that the guards are a very heavily communicative role, we require as much input and reaching out to as players might when it comes to offering our unique roles to a situation.

Our role in the matter was cut very abruptly by the presence of the Church Knights, when we got a message one day that had asked us to quit handling the situation and instead hand over information on the subject to the CK Commander at the time, anything after that wasn't within our realm of stopping anymore, I'm certain you already know that though.
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