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The Flame Badger Company Post Mortem
I deeply feel this post, its one of the main hurdles of running anything, especially if its open to the public. Its exhausting, full of yucky stuff and peppered with things you should take to the gms but you don't out of sympathy of the person or, just because you are a softie really and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Even if it never ends well, you do it again.

Why? Well, many just throw the towel, especially when metagaming as shown in this post since quite frankly, it is shouted about how its punished but in reality it never really is, unless someone of interest among the ones that can do something about it is the one affected, its something brushed aside.
It grates you as you have to take care of a place other people enjoy, while you carry on the shoulders the weight of about everything else and the bs that wont be dealt with ever.

But... it's worth it. Many great players were met, many people that was giving up on trying the game had their want reinvigorated once they interacted with something I created and the character I have within it alongside the atmosphere, and that feeling is great, especially when they become great names within the community that is a pleasure to interact with.

And particularly, that is what drives me forward, because I believe there is many other great people out there, just not being able to be found because there is no opportunities, and the few they have, turns very sour.

Because the ones that metagame just keeps doing it, and new-ish players are very abusable in that regard and are given a sense that its just how it is, and leaves the community. And being unpunished creates a very bad ego to just do even more dumb stuff because hey "I was never stopped"

But I get up every other day and do the same thing, even if it gets very hard, because some people are very worth the growing pains. Call me masochistic, but its just how I feel about it, even when people tell me to take a break from it all.
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