Roland's Odds and Ends

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Roland's Odds and Ends

Post by Roland_Staghare » Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:45 am

I scratch made a sprite for an enemy after being a tad inspired. I'll toss it here for now and maybe expand on this whenever I decide to make an applicable sprite.

One headless manhorse, coming right up. Grayscales included in the rar, since someone requested them in discord. Grayscale includes separate sections for the hooves, eyes, armor, and barding.
A spatial ambusher. The idea was to make spatials even more annoying. Probably something I'll kick myself over if it gets added later.
The mech helmet! Comes with a grayscale.
Short hair in a requested style. Also with grayscale. In the clothes rar.
8/27/2019 Changelog: Color version of the headless manhorse now has an attack animation and has had some minor state adjustments for the name of simplicity of use; spatial ambusher added.

8/28/2019: Condensing monsters into the same rar, mech helmet added in a new clothing rar. Now contains hair, too.
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