Interior Decorator Request

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Interior Decorator Request

Post by Gil » Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:05 pm

Sender: soul@l-net.grm
Subject: Hiring Interior Decorator


Lavender is hiring an interior decorator for our shop in Dormeho, The Hidden Gem.

Details are as follows. On the first floor, we would like to set up a lounge area just behind our lovely housekeeper and in front of the door leading to the second floor. In the back area of our first floor, we would like our outdoor area landscaped. It should be an open, natural area with flora for guests to enjoy, and benches on which they may rest. On our second floor, we would like an arena built and surrounded with features for spectators to enjoy. For example, spectators may desire to relax on couches while enjoying food and drinks, and they may appreciate wash rooms and rest areas in the back.

This is a substantial job, and we are willing to pay handsomely for the time and money you invest procuring and installing furniture and decorations.

If you are interested, please respond with a sample of your previous work and your desired compensation.

Best regards,

Burdened Soul

OOC Information:
I'm not any good at decorating houses. You can respond in character in this thread, or you can PM Gil#5842 on Discord. I will compensate you all murai you spend buying and crafting decorations, and you may bill me either by the time you spend on the project or on project completion itself. You will be given builder privileges, and I only ask that you do not move my shopkeepers or the crates on the second floor. First floor crates can be moved as you see fit, and I will figure them out later. This is very important to me, and I am willing to pay quite a lot for this service whether that is in the form of murai or valuable items.