Entertainment Tryouts

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Entertainment Tryouts

Post by Stenzio » Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:14 am

From: justbusiness@l-net.grm

Subject: Request: Entertainment!

Chimera Enterprises would like to call upon the denizens of the Imperial Cities, Oniga, Kysei, and in general the current population able to see this message. Why, you may ask? To have their talents tested of course. We as a company are having a grand opening and welcome party, and those of talents which would be chalked up to be entertaining to the general populace would be fantastic to have. If you'd like to try-out to be said entertainment, simply come to our building which is in the top right corner of the right housing district in Cellsvich. If having trouble with those directions, Chimera Enterprises has a logo with a Goat and Lion head adorning its top, and lower body being intertwined snakes pointing left and right at an angle.

But we do not expect you to do this job for free of course. Those accepted will be paid a sum of 2,500 Murai, and a bonus if we find your talent to be of a splendid variety, or does more then what is expected. So come, one and all! We await the fruitful gifts you all have to entertain us all!