Mystic Services Now Availible.

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Mystic Services Now Availible.

Post by Murderfox » Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:39 am

Utilizing the passed down techniques of five generations - the Mystic services of the Ehryunes Clan are able to help deal with a large spectrum of problems that most medical practices can not and are not certified to help with.

If your having problems with:

-The Recently deceased.
-Curses you just can't shake off of yourself.
-Occult residue such as ectoplasm or Vitriol.

Or you'd just like a friendly and approachable Mystic to:
-Purify a living space of bad juju.
-Bless your children in the name of Amiras and the natural spirits.
-Read your palm.
-Divine if your chicken eggs are off - and how good they'll be when you scramble them.
-Check the meanings of your dreams.
-Create and manage minor Charms and Cantrips that other schooled and refined mages might find difficult!
-Talk about troubling things with a really nice guy.

Then the Ehryunes clan are capable of doing this for you, and much more!
It is worth mentioning most of the services are free, requiring no payment made if they are serious and legitimate requests.
However, some payment may be required for more difficult or expensive problems. Such is the nature of the business.

If you need a Shaman or Mystic - don't hesitate to offer a member of the Ehryunes clan a message.
Contact them with the listed below: