Mercenary Service

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Mercenary Service

Post by mappel6 » Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:56 am

From: sovthemerc555@l-net.grm

Greetings, users of laplaceNet. I am Soveliss Hansir, a mercenary. I have come to laplaceNet in order to advertise my service.

As for what service I give, I give any that I can. If you would like me to stand around and guard a place, or join an adventuring team, I will be happy to if the price is right. That said, how I charge is different from most other mercenaries. I allow my customers to choose a price. The rate I will charge for is per half-day, or per dungeon if it takes longer than said half-day to get out. I specifically charge judging by when the sun rises and sets.

When you pay me, you pay for service, and for loyalty. That said, it is suggested you pay more if it's more likely you'll encounter an enemy. I have no qualms about abandoning most people because the other one has more to pay. It may sound cruel, but welcome to the world of the hired blade.

Taking this all into account, I reserve the right to refuse requests or to request a higher payment for a job. I would not like to be forced into challenging some random hero just because someone wants me to, especially when I know I will lose. This is just one example.

You can choose when to pay, but paying me beforehand is best. Do not think you can not pay me at all. I will blacklist you until you pay your fines should you attempt to do so.

I can be seen often around Cellsvich, especially in the restaraunt. If you have trouble finding me, look for the Hyattr with red hair and a cloak, with a dagger nearby. That is sure to be me.

As for a summary of my abilities, I am a swift fighter who is learning to use the powers of the Void. Perhaps this will allow you to guess at the extent of my abilities.

If you would like to request a meeting under certain circumstances or if you would like to request a more regular hiring, feel free to reply to this message.

NOTE: I have closed this service down. Don't expect me to respond to any requests from anyone else.