A message to the banned

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A message to the banned

Post by heroshadow » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:53 pm

I figured a full 24 hours is more than enough for either a ban or an appeal. I think I have seen enough.

I was thinking it over after posting my appeal, as well as being informed outside of the forum that the stinginess in how the post was laid out means I'd be less likely to get an appeal. Whether it's I got dragged in because of Insanastar since we share an internet, living together or because we share it to begin with. The fact that all reactions remained in IC and no OOC warning shows me enough of what sort of community is being run in Sigrogana Legends 2.

I was informed of how one GM, one Slydra, infamous for being trigger happy when it comes to banning. I can already tell he was probably the banner, probably giggling when seeing the Silent Redtail reporting Insanastar without even asking her to stop at an OOC level. If I knew there would be this sort of discrimination, I would have screenshotted the fact she brought it up as an Emote.

Sorry Souls. I'm sure you're a decent person and you have your limits in what you can or can't do on a daily basis, but I cannot say I feel comfortable with how things are turning out, being forced to have been someone from the early years to be in some clique to avoid such fears and anxieties. I have played this in the early years and it had been more accepting of weird characters and even offered to help fix characters if their background is too abnormal. With how corrupt it is now, I cannot recommend Sigrogana Legends 2 to any new players.

To those who have been banned and have made it here to make an appeal. I am saying now to not bother. The corruption of some of the players and the power tripping displayed within the GMs shows that it is becoming the next Eturnia.

Right now, I have been hosting Pokemon Bluefire on Byond if you are seeking a Byond game to play. If you desire something for your RP needs, it will not be much, but I can always try my luck hosting Misuterii High. It does not have an actual character customization and your characters will not be retained passed each session, but as long as you don't show malicious intent, as Insanastar and I have experienced in being banned here, you are welcome to join.

Thank you for your time, and hopefully we can meet within less bitter terms.

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Re: A message to the banned

Post by Slydria » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:28 pm

It's pretty clear you didn't read the stickied topic in the unban forum. It would have clarified some things for you, like how you're meant to lay out your unban request, how GMs are under no obligation to respond, how certain excuses aren't acceptable grounds for an unban and you shouldn't make multiple topics about it.

Furthermore expecting me to reply in 24 hours and then claiming abuse when I don't meet your imagined deadline is simply ridiculous.

Moving on, it sounds like you've made up your mind on me, based on rumours at that. I doubt you'll listen about why I banned her without warning and why you were also banned as a consequence of that but here we go anyway:

Simply put she went far beyond the point where I felt it was excusable, even for a new player to make so many mistakes.

There was many things wrong with her character: The name was not acceptable, the pictures she used were poor in quality between her MS Paint picture that looked like it was just scribbled together and her face icon just being an uncropped block of faces, the way she roleplayed her character as a 9ft shapeshifting embodiment of insanity obviously did not mesh with the world and how she roleplayed with the community was frankly disgusting between godmodding, poor behaviour and disregarding what they were saying or doing.

It's actually pretty rare, even for new players to do so much wrong, almost like it were intentional. It's not the first time it's happened, we've had people play troll characters before so it seemed like a fair assessment to me. I am harsh when it comes to that, I don't think people who are intentionally trying to disrupt the game in such a way deserve much leniency, they don't learn and they only waste our time.

As for why you got banned, ultimately it's because you share the same IP and partly because you do share some blame for this happening, for as much as you said you were trying to teach her, you failed to teach her even some of the basic rules or etiquette and if you did, this could have been easily avoided.

You won't be unbanned and that's really because if we unbanned you, there wouldn't be much to stop her from easily ban evading so you will have to bear it.

Furthermore, she won't be unbanned either and it's pretty obvious why if you take a look at the other thread, between once again failing to read the guidelines as well as some of that poor behaviour I mentioned prior.

All in all, it's not because I have a vendetta or a bias or I'm corrupt, it's really just as simple as your that your girlfriend broke too many rules and you were wrapped up in it due to how things work.

You both also need to understand that an unban request is meant to be an apology and acknowledgement of what you did wrong, not a place to accuse GMs of wrongdoing, nor a place to scream like a child. If you have genuine woes about GMs, you should bring them to Dev, complaining about them up here only sours your request and makes you look bad.

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Re: A message to the banned

Post by Insanastar » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:40 pm

Look Person I worked hard I only have paint. Ok I am not good with drawing people and I have spent years making Insanastar from a voice in my head to a person and my image was not just faces I spent hours making 5 Insanastars. Also I am angery because I was told this was an excepting community and I just wanted to give Insanastar a place to be herself and have more freedom. Also I followed the lore and even tried to do things diffrent. Also you clearly do not understand how hard it is for me to let her out. Not because she is bad but because I have trust issues.

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