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SL2 Version 1.22

Post by Neus » Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:49 pm

Another week, another update. The last update of April. Because April is ending soon. This time, we have a few new things! First and foremost are new enchantments and catalysts for them. Every dungeon boss, except the Bandit Leader, now has a unique enchantment type associated with it. That enchantment type cannot be found anywhere else in the game, except by items dropped from that boss, or as catalysts that they drop. The higher level the boss, the higher the chance for the catalyst to drop, as well.

Secondly, the Spatial dungeon boss has gotten a revamp; he has a few new moves that gives him his own identity instead of just being a Jammer Omega clone. You can fight him and all the other bosses in static dungeons now, as well; up to one boss monster will spawn in the static dungeons at a time, and while they don't drop cores, they do drop the new catalysts. Bosses have received an adjustment to the amount of bonus HP they receive; it's less when you're by yourself but more when you're in a full party. Some monsters have also received increased RES gain of varying degrees; we'll see how this shakes out.

New Enchantments - 9 new enchantments have been added.
  • Includes 9 new catalyst items that drop from dungeon bosses (excluding Bandit Leaders).
  • Some of these enchantments can enchant multiple equipment types.
  • All of these enchantments are exclusive to a specific boss and cannot be generated except by them.
New Skill Animations - Mad Chop, Turnover, Thousand Stab, and Bash have received new animation effects.
Spatial Boss Revamp - The Spatial Ravager has received several new skills and mechanics, replacing the old version of the boss for a more interesting one.
Roaming Bosses - Bosses can now roam around in static dungeons.
  • Bosses in static dungeons do not drop cores, but can drop the new catalyst items exclusive to them.
Adjusted - Spatial Corrupters now have a unique interaction with Pierce damage.
Adjusted - Wings of Fire's Immolate has been changed; it now deals less damage than before, but has a chance to burn the target, and deals more damage than before if the target is burned.
Adjusted - The following monsters have had these changes made to their growths. This change is intended to make them more resistant to magic, to different degrees depending on the monster.;
  • Spatial Corruptor - Reduced VIT growth by 50%. Increased RES growth by 110%. (No that isn't a typo.)
  • Barghest - Increased RES growth by 50%.
  • Spectre - Increased RES growth by 20%.
  • Wings of Fire - Increased RES growth by 30%.
  • Goblin Shaman - Increased RES growth by 30%.
  • Vorpal Rabbit - Increased RES growth by 20%.
  • Ocean Races - Increased RES growth by 10%.
Adjusted - The visual damage effect and the volume of its sound effect for each damage type now scales in size and volume based on how resistant or weak the target is to it.
Adjusted - Revive has received some adjustments to prevent stalemate/immortality scenarios, or at least make them less common.
  1. Going from 0 HP to a positive HP amount counts as being 'revived'.
  2. When you are revived, you lose 3 Momentum, as if you had been knocked down. (Skills that ignore knockdown or reduce its Momentum penalty do not take effect; it was just an example.)
  3. When you are revived, you gain a status called Badly Beaten for 4 rounds, with a starting LV of 1. Badly Beaten causes the Momentum you receive from a new round starting to be reduced by its LV. If you are revived and are already suffering from Badly Beaten, the duration is extended by 4 rounds, and the LV is increased by 1. (Note that status effect duration is reduced even during turns you are incapacitated, so if you get revived, then knocked out again, and 4 turns later you get revived, you will get a 'fresh' Badly Beaten, not a powered-up version.)
Adjusted - Admin messages now appear in all chat tabs (both warnings and admin say).
Adjusted - Boss bonus HP formula has changed from a flat 50% to 5% + 20% for each party member (including yourself. I.E., 25% solo, 85% with a full party of 4.)
Adjusted - Stalemate and Riposte can no longer trigger from attacks made directly behind your character.
Adjusted - Made enchantment catalysts dynamically load the effect of the enchantment when the item description is viewed. (You won't notice much difference, but it saves me a lot of work.)
Adjusted - Made the enchant altar's enchantment description box taller to better fit some of the new enchantments.
Adjusted - Dungeon fountains are no longer dense to prevent narrow hallways from being blocked by them.
Adjusted - Monster skill Demon Translation now increases all stats by 10%, gives +2 Move, and reduces all incoming damage by 20%.
Adjusted - Deleted the old quest log interface from the skin file.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Eternal Darkness was not reseting the duration of the target's Blind to 2.
- Fixed a bug where the quest log page turners would not show up.
- Fixed a bug where Nosu was forgetting to take his quest item from you after finishing his quest.
- Fixed a bug where Sidecut could put you into bushes.
- Fixed a bug where pull effects could set your character's facing direction to a diagonal direction instead of the nearest cardinal direction.
- Fixed a bug where battles initiated on the overworld would cause in-battle sprites to be scaled down.
- Fixed a bug where Youkai sometimes wouldn't face the target they were attacking or using skills on.
- Fixed a bug where prison benches in castle dungeons could spawn when the room was too thin, causing the door to be blocked by it.
- Fixed a bug where multiple people attempting to interact with a chest could cause issues. (Only one person can be interacting with a chest at a time now.)
- Fixed a bug where Firthrower's attack pattern was incorrect.
- Fixed a bug where Adol's vocabulary did not contain delivery, preventing the completion of a certain quest added in the last update.
- Fixed a bug where Ritual Sword was not summoning your Bonded Youkai next to you unless it was already summoned.
- Fixed a bug where Aliagmato could put you outside of the battlefield or inside of invalid tiles.
- Fixed an issue where emoticon bubbles were appearing behind furniture.

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