SL2 Version 1.26

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SL2 Version 1.26

Post by Neus » Mon May 25, 2015 4:59 am

This week; fish! Not fish people. No no. Fishing updates and such.

Fishing now has a little QTE-like prompt when you're reeling something in. Also, fishing contests!

Fishing Contest - A new region event has been added; the fishing contest.
  • A world message is sent when the contest starts, and lasts 30 minutes.
  • During the event, fish caught in Dormeho will be weighed and ranked; the heavier the fish, the better.
  • All participants will receive special items called Sea Crest Tokens; these can be traded in at a chest near Alex Richards for special items.
  • First, second, and third places receive bonus Sea Crest Tokens, as well as trophies.
Fishing Prompt - Fishing now requires several directional inputs when you reel in a fish (the number depends on the size). If you mess up the inputs, or don't input them, the fish may get away.
Adjusted - World events now have a 4 in-game hour cooldown minimum between them. Individual events themselves have a 24 in-game hour cooldown before they can happen again.
Adjusted - Conversion Gloves no longer increase the duration of an existing Weapon Charge status, only increase its LV. (It will still give the status if you do not have one.)
Adjusted - Crafting furniture now requires the Furniture DISCer, located in the DISCer Chest; anyone with this item can craft furniture now, even if they do not own a House Ticket.
Adjusted - DISCers can no longer be dropped upon defeat.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where the emergency food supply eaten via the Preparation talent could not be overwritten, even if you were 'full' with it.
- Fixed a bug where opening a portable science kit/etc. while build mode was open, and then closing build mode, would prevent you from re-opening the build mode menu until you re-entered the house.
- Fixed a bug where status effects were not properly updating their LV, duration, etc. if they changed after being applied.

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