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SL2 Version 1.87

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:56 pm
by Neus
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New Alchemy Recipe - You can now upgrade the Swordmaster Ring into an enhanced version at an alchemy station with the ring and 1 magic mud.
- Magical series scaling adjusted from 60% X / 60% Y to 50% X / 50% Y across the board.
- Hands of the Giant knockdown chance changed from 100% to UL%.
- Death Knighting and Shine Knighting are now mutually exclusive; the latest one will overwrite the older transformation.
- Youkai can now gain multiple levels at once; EXP is no longer reset to 0 after a level up.
- Corvis Cannon; gained additional scaling (30% CEL), on-hit effect now deals Wind damage equal to 1 + (UL*2).
- Items in the item list in the Breakdown Shop can now be right-clicked to put it in the 'active' work slot.
- High Mage Cape FP regen changed from 2% of your maximum FP to: 2% of your maximum FP, up to a maximum of 3 + the number of spells you have equipped.
- Glykin's blood damage done to Vampires who feed on them is now treated as retaliation damage (meaning it won't proc any retaliation damage effects the Vampire has).
- Gravedigger enchant effect now only applies if you are not incapacitated. Also clarified the effect description to show its effective range (3).
- An Unending Defense (5) gave a lower than intended amount of EXP as a reward.
- Added archery minigame targets to Cellsvich.
- Demon Hunter's Bellowing Stag damage is no longer unresistable.
* Bug Reports
- Battle participants weren't facing towards the center of the map in some cases.
- Dig holes could be dug up while trade windows were open.
- Fir, Swap Position, Magaisendo, Holy Arrow, and Needle had odd initial targets.
- Custom alerts/etc could sometimes be uninteractable.
- Priest treatment skills were gaining the bonus range from having staff weapons equipped even if you didn't have one.
- Bushes were lasting through multiple battles in some cases.
- Bandges and Parasite Removal Kits could not be traded because they were worth 0 Murai.
- Utility Belt could be toggled while in combat.
- In rare circumstances the elemental defense value displayed in the character panel could be incorrect.