A Remnant of the Past

A collection of player character biographies.
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A Remnant of the Past

Post by Sarah54321 » Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:37 am

"Hey, Dad?"

"Yes, Son?"

"What's it like being an inventor?"

"It's... Well, it's like being able to use your creativity to help others."

"... I want to be an awesome inventor."


He was a strange kid, really. Enthusiastic about so many things, he was. There was nothing that he couldn't understand, they said. A brilliant child, if not a bit strange in the way that he was -overly- enthusiastic. He would grin and ask so many questions, and stare with dazzled golden eyes when he saw something absolutely amazing. Really, he was a normal child, if not for that fact that he wanted to learn, even if the subject seemed 'boring'. You never knew when you might want to have it, after all.

He went to school, Karaten always did have good schools, and often times he learned from his father and mother. He always found it strange that they weren't 'together', as in, their knots were tied together, or however that went, but he didn't mind, either. They were Mom and Dad, and that's all that mattered to him. Life was simple enough that way.

Sometimes, he would go on small 'adventures', he would like to call them. His father would send him on errands, to get something, to deliver a message, so on, so forth. It was easy, really, and it allowed him to get out of the house, too, out of Karaten. He'd go to Sigrogana, to Chaturanga, to Gold, even. It was enjoyable, and he loved going out and having some fun while he was outside of the house.

It was one day, a day he wouldn't know about, where things would have changed for him.


"Pleasure to be of service, Ma'am!" He called out happily, grinning cheekily even. Golden blond hair that was well-combed flowed through with the wind, and he laughed a little bit. Today was another trip to Cellsvich, and things were going fine. He'd just dropped off the package that he was supposed to, but he wanted to shop a little bit. After all, Cellsvich was the capitol for shopping and marketing. Maybe stay in the inn and go back home the next day.

He hummed a little bit, waving to the woman in a friendly manner, before marching away. His curious eyes wandered around the place. It was pretty normal, citizens walking all around, a few guards here and there, for safety of course, and plenty of stalls. He had a bit of money left, he could buy something from the treasure ball machine, maybe some Heshe or a Cocky. He loved those types of snacks.

He heard a strange noise, but he couldn't quite place what it was. He simply continued on his way, nearing the front gate and stopping nearby a stall, staring at the contents. Several pieces of gear, maybe he could buy something and bring it back to his father? He just hummed, grinning at the idea. Yeah, something so that his father could take it apart and reassemble it into something even cooler than what it was! He immediately began to browse for a mechanical looking item, eyes wide once more.

Another strange sound. He heard this strange growling noise. That was strange, really. He raised his head up, turning it towards where he'd heard the noises. These strange things were walking in through the gates. He just turned to stare at them, giving an awkward wave. They seemed normal enough, if not strange looking and a little funny seeming. One was even striking poses. He giggled a little bit, before turning back towards the stall.

At least, he would have. He would have, if he didn't hear a scream. Not just a scream, multiple screams. He instantly turned his head to the side, and saw scarlet red. His eyes widened, and he took a step backwards. Immediately, people were running away. Those people he saw, the ones that entered the gate? They were attacking people! They were tearing them apart, they were-there were-!

The boy was frozen in fear, and he hardly noticed one of the creatures approaching him, until it was far, far too late. What felt like hours was perhaps a minute at best, as the creature stepped in closer. It looked like a clown, something that would normally make him smile, but it was horrifying, with great red teeth, and a spear that was coated in blood. The boy wanted to run away, but his legs felt cemented into the ground. He was scared. So scared...!

The child couldn't tell if he screamed, honestly. He just remembered pain, blossoming in his stomach, at first. He saw red, red everywhere. He felt like he was floating, but then, he suddenly felt a pull in his arm. A tug, really. Then a loud squelch rang through his ears, and he saw one of his limbs-taken away, ripped off- get thrown. The next to go was his leg, and he saw it simply be dropped there. He was crying, he realized, crying and screaming for help, but no one would be able to hear him. His screams were small and gurghling, hardly audible.

He wanted it to be done with. He did. So when he saw that spear coming straight for him. He just shut his eyes and wished that this was a nightmare.

"Where are you, Dad?"


He really was floating, it felt like. Very cold, he was very chilled for some reason. Opening his eyes, he stared around, and noticed that the place was... fine. Everything seemed fine. Cellsvich was alright, there were people still around. Everything was cleaned up. It must have been a dream, then. He sighed in relief, at that, smiling a little bit and moving to stand up. He stumbled a little, staring down at himself. That was strange, he couldn't see his feet. Raising his hands up, he went to stare at them, too. Stranger, he couldn't see his hands, either. Squinting those golden eyes of his, he spoke aloud,"Hello?"

There was no response. It was as if he wasn't there. Muttering to himself, he began to 'walk' around, though his steps felt very strange, as if they weren't there. He whimpered quietly, calling out more and more. Please, hear him! He was right there, they had to hear him somehow! He reached out towards one of the townspeople's shoulder. The only thing that he knew, was that the person simply said that they felt a chill. He stumbled backwards, beginning to panic. What happened? Why couldn't anyone hear him? The only thing that he could understand was that, well, he was attacked, and then, then...!

"Did you hear?" Said one of the persons,"They said the casualties were high..."

"I know...,"Another voice spoke up, grim this time,"...Who's behind these attacks? Oniga? It has to be..."

"... I don't know the answer to that."


So it was real? He wasn't dreaming? He-He really...?

For the second time, he cried out for his father, and this time, his mother, as well.


He didn't count how long it was that he'd been like this, roaming Sigrogana and trying to find his way back to Karaten. It was hard, and he felt so weak leaving Cellsvich at times. He was weak enough, couldn't even see himself. Sometimes, he would see a hint of purple haze, but that was about all that he could see. Either way, he was getting used to it, at least. It was lonely, not being able to talk to others, and having them ignore him, however... He could do a few fun tricks. He noticed that he could make frost appear-could make the treasure ball machine pop out its treasures sometimes. It was almost fun.

He was there when the man named 'Bloeden' died.

Bloeden, he learned, was the one that caused his death. The one that caused all of those peoples' deaths. The one that made it so that he couldn't see his parents anymore. He was glad to see him die, really. He watched from behind the large group of friendly guards, a smile was probably on his lips as he watched those two men turn to ash and blow away.

It was strange, the feeling of loving that someone died. He felt like something in him died on that day, as well, but he couldn't tell.

He was all too happy to watch Bloeden perish.


It took so much time for him to get stronger. More and more time, and he hoped that he could see his father and his mother again. His mother with those crystal clear blue eyes and shining blonde hair. His father with those same golden eyes as his own. He'd stayed there, gotten power and waited, waited so long. How long had he waited, anyway? He couldn't tell, it was just a long time to him. He watched people come and go, and no other attacks on Cellsvich were made. It was good, for he would have stopped them.

It took several more tries for him to finally make it back home.

He wished he hadn't gone.


Who was this man?

Why did he look like himself?

Why was his father hugging that man?

Where was his mother, where did she go to?

Why couldn't his father see him, that this man wasn't him?

He hated this man, this one named Justus, the one that seemed to take over.

He shoved his way towards the golden-haired male, growling and snarling as something in him faded away.

He couldn't let this happen, couldn't let his father forget him, couldn't let all of his time be wasted away because of this.

D a d w a s h i s.



"Hm? Oh... Hello. Who's this? Ahaha... Why are you in my head?"

"I'm Justin...! Nice to meet you."
"I write because I wish to write. I am because I want to be. Don't question me, do you really know what's right?"