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Boss's Journal

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Boss's Journal
Sam. Ken. If I find out either of you two twats have been snooping around my belongings, both of your asses will be mine. Got that? - Mich



This is the first time I'm doing this, and for good reason. It's in case I die. I don't want you all to go losing your way without me to lead you, so I'm leaving behind some shit I think you guys should know.

Don't feck fuck up like I have. Stick to what I have written down here, and keep it together, but before I get into this I want to appoint a new leader that'll take charge of the pack after I'm dead:


I know she's only a pup, but I trust that girl with every part of my being. She is innocent, but she can be calculating when she needs to be. I know that she cares about each of the pack members, because she can relate to us the same way we can relate to each other. I expect you fuckers to listen to her every word, the same way you all listen to me. Respect the little girl, and help each other like we have always done.

I'll add more to this journal should anything new come up that I think should be included.



  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Spears
  • Axes
  • Bows
  • Guns
There's a shady seller that camps just outside of Chaturanga. Always wears a black cloak with a hood over his head. Sells a bunch of equipment we normally use, at a low price. Don't think the Black Knights know he deals with us too, so try to keep it discreet you fucking dipshits. If you don't, you'll have to find someone else that supports us as much as this guy does.

He's a Kaelensian, like us.

Pay him 1500 Murai for a single crates worth of each weapon. That's 250 for each crate. Each crate should contain 25 weapons inside. Make sure to check them.

This is only for when you guys need to requisition equipment. Anything extra after it's been distributed among our pack goes to the Vipers. I wont' be adding any of our other regular contacts. Just in case.



On the 7th and 21st of any given month, pay the Vipers 5000 Murai.

Don't be fucking late with these payments you motherfuckers. This is the simplest but also the most important thing on this list.

Don't screw it up.

And if they demand either weapons, food, or both, hand it over. Don't try to barter with them like they're merchants, and don't any of you pricks dare threaten them with violence. The Vipers have the numbers. Our group doesn't. Remember that.


My Our Plans


I made you all a promise, and I plan to deliver regardless of whether or not I'm dead by the time this journal is read. Hell, if I'm alive I'll tell you all myself. If I'm not, then that's why I wrote this.

Here's the thing. I haven't told anyone in the Den, but I struck it big awhile ago. The story goes like this:

A man dropped big heavy bags of money over my head, and it didn't cost me much. All he wanted in return was for me to marry him. Turns out he was alright. A few bolts loose in the head, but tolerable. I kept the money he gave me well hidden. The Vipers didn''t know about it, and neither did anyone from our group.

I could've made an escape by myself, literally hit restart on my life with all the money I got, but that wasn't me. I said that I'd find a place for us all. I just needed the funds. Maybe you guys don't need a reminder but I'll write this in anyways: Each of us crossed paths while under the leadership of the Vipers. They put our talents to use. Pickpockets, lock-pickers, thieves, slavers, murderers, arsonists. They gave each and every one of us a way out, by digging ourselves deeper into the graves we were already making for ourselves. For most of us, that was our escape. Because it gave our muddied lives a fucking purpose. I know you've all heard similar shit like this a hundred times from me, but it will be the real deal this time. If I'm gone. But it needs to be said again and again, because I hoped that when the time came, you would all be prepared to face the changes that I know will fuck you idiots over if you're not ready.

This was our way out.

Story time's over.

K, S, A, H, J.

I know you five wouldn't betray the pack. Sniff out the other potentially less loyal members of the group. Find out who's trustworthy, and who isn't. The funds you use to pay tribute to the Vipers. Keep it separate from the funds I'm entrusting to you. When you make the blink, take the loyal ones with you to any continent you guys want. There's enough money for you five to make a getaway anywhere, and extra for anyone else that tags along. Whatever you have left, you can buy a house with someplace remote. Won't have to worry about food at all for a long time until you all get settled into the new place.

Remember not to all leave at once. Go one by one at first. Designate a meeting place wherever it is that you're going, but don't take too long after you do. Time wasted is time a rat will be using to snitch to the Vipers, and at that point you're all fucked.

Try not to muck up your new lives. Got that?

The map to the money is behind this page.

This is your way out.

Lifting the aforementioned map up off of the next page reveals that there is still something left to be read. The page itself is a mess, covered with smudges of ink and it looks as if drops of water have dried on it too, leaving circular stains behind. A singular black line runs through every word, but the journal entry is still barely legible for those that make the attempt to read it.

The Truth

I'm scared.
Pull the trigger and BURN it all down

I'm not writing in this just to help you guys. That's only half of the reason why. The other half is because I'm scared. This might be the only part of me that survives. The only part of me that lives on. Nobody will remember me except my men.
Why is life so fucking hard?
I wish everything was easier.
Will anybody remember me after I'm gone?
I'm only dealing with the cards life dealt me!
BURN everything BURN everything
Helping everyone else but I can't even help myself.
I only have one chance.
BURNing, BURNing, BURNing

Being the leader is hard. I try to take care of each of my members as best as I can, but sometimes it's not enough. My hands are as dirty as they're going to get. Imprisoned more than once.
The flames will make it all come to an end
My pack still needs me.
BURN them
I promised.
I promised.
I promised.
The story behind the private Karaten corporation Eclipse Intelligence, Inc.
The second post in the above link also shows some of the characters that I play.