(Letters) A Collection of Letters to Someone

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(Letters) A Collection of Letters to Someone

Post by Dracian88 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:16 am

Dear Mama,

It's been some time since I've last spoken to you or Papa, but this is the best way I can contact you. I've been accepted into the Medical Academy recently, and I'm finding the work to be very easy as to say. I don't know when the next time I'll be able to visit, but you're always free to come visit me!

Today we learned about balancing and regulating dosages and which herbs can be used to get the best effect. Next week we'll be learning mixtures and common compositions of modern medications, but that's enough about school. I've been feeling okay and I've been taking my medication regularly, I'm also making a lot of friends here and they're really nice too, but I still miss you and Papa.

I can't say how late it is since I'm writing this letter by magic light, but I need to get to bed soon. I'll try to write you again soon Mama!
I love you!

With Love,