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Green Journal

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 6:43 am
by Mivereous
A green hardback journal, with "N. Ryntor" on the bottom right corner of the front. It resides on a bookshelf in the private residence of Cassius and Nylise.

I keep having weird dreams, and I thought I should keep a record of them, they're just so weird. And not like the 'Airi kills me because I exist' ones.

The last one was pretty recent, so I'll start there. The black beasts were in the forest, and I was helping clear them out, since it was so close to Cellsvich. Then I was suddenly in front of some kind of tower in the sand, and I felt like I had to get to the top. When I did, there was someone there in some kind of heavy armor, and I was just so mad about having to climb that far that I pushed him off. It felt like they were bad, anyways. Then a heavily armored Vicky was there, and told me the forest was almost clear, and the tower exploded from the side, Vicky disappeared, and I was flat on my back and I couldn't move. There was someone walking towards me, but I couldn't see their face. It looked like their neck was about to break, the way it was crooked to the side. I could see their outline clearly, but I couldn't feel them like they weren't real or something. I was trying to sit up so I could see them, or move, or anything, but it was like I was pinned down. The floor beneath me collapsed when they got closer, and I woke up and nearly smacked Cassy because I was still trying to move myself.

I dunno, I thought it was pretty weird. Pretty real, too.