Test Subject 0024, Name [ ]

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Test Subject 0024, Name [ ]

Post by Sarah54321 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:15 am

Subjects [0024] and [0025] have been obtained. They are supposed to be twins, but it seems that one was fake. A shame,
as the idea was to see if one twin had a different effect from the other. However, one must not be picky when it comes to dealing with experimentation. When it comes to the subjects, Subject [0024] is far more compatible with [][][][] than Subject [0025]. This is wonderful news.

Subject [0025] has been put up for recycle, however, the surviving 'twin' objected. Due to the subject's willingness to help, we have decided to allow a small mercy and let the subject keep its twin for the time being, so long as tests continue without falter.

[][][][] has been giving in a larger dose this time. We introduced Subject [0024] to the [][][][][][]. It appears that Subject [0024] has been accepted by the [][][][][][]. This is splendid news. As time goes on, we may just be able to recruit Subject [0024] to our cause completely, so that we may fullfill what we have need.


Subject [0024] has shown compatibility with manipulating [][][][]. While this may be dangerous, it is also a very useful skill. The subject seemed to want more freedom, so we have allowed it and its twin outside of the borders that we placed for their own safety. Here's hoping that things continue on as they were.

Subject [0024] is completely loyal to our cause, so due to this we have decided to celebrate. [][][][][] was pleased, or so we think. As time goes on, we hope to continue to observe the changes in Subject [0024] due to their continuously growing state.

As for the [][][][], we must assure that the [][][][][] is not angered. Test Subject Designation 0024 has finished all current available tests.

Congratulations, Subject [0024], we hope your revenge is well received..
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