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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:26 pm

Kyn you be quiet?
note; sharpen wit when possible
Another calm day in Cellsvich square. I psyched myself up, ready to properly spread Mercala's light, and to spur others to think on it.
One such enlightening conversation came from with a rather depressive fellow named Kyn. They seem to be a non-worshipper, if only because they were empty. They tended to fight a lot and if they are to be believed, they try to spread their beliefs...
...However, contrary to the title, they are not what sticks out today.
Thore is. As I had a brief argument with him (that derailed from a parallel), we were told to take it outside.
One rain later, he decided to, indeed, take it outside. But he chose to turn his blade upon me. He insisted on cutting me down, no matter what it took. I'm not even sure if I should call him friend. He's got the keys into the house. At least he's in the fort, for now...
Perhaps he was reacting out of anger... but, why?

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:39 am

(Miss)Fortunate Encounter
Ah, Cellsvich. The square's empty (or might as well be), but the strip club's packed.
So, in my infinite wisdom and knowledgeable decision making, I headed into the strip club, unwilling to sully my eyes (further).
I spotted two familiar faces; Yakin and Ardnaid. The former which was too thoroughly broken (Mercala grant him peace) to *ahem* appreciate the view. The latter was as prudish as I am. (or maybe she just didn't want to see a naked woman. Which I can understand, reversing the sexes.)
However, the most unexpected (and absolutely still most precious to me. I should have wrote her a letter, may Mercala forgive me...) was Yaeko, who later arrived... as the show was going on. I don't know. I must have disappointed her to the point that she... was driven to drink.
She... was a different person. Seemed to want to see the show... thank Mercala she didn't try anything, though. Still,
I'm such a wretched creature. I still feel guilty about doing that to her. I really hope she's okay.
I made my way home quickly as Ard left... wait. Where's Yaeko?
...On my way home to write this log, I saw Thore. My heart skipped a beat. Then, looking back on this moment, skipped a couple more. I hope I'm not having a heart attack.

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:48 am

Cratered Creighton

Something tells me I should get ready quicker.
I headed for the Cellsvich Monastery, praying to Mercala as I usually did, (I thank her for preventing whatever came next from getting worse) when I came across a most stressful (it only got worse) scene.
Strangelove was attempting to wrangle Seix. Very, very violently. So violently in fact, that Creighton intervened; switching positions with him.
This didn't go so smoothly. Creighton was slammed into the ground in an attempt to show a lesson, but it only served to mortally wound him, scare Seix off and make my shirt cling to my back. Help was needed. However, he didn't want to be immediately treated. I gave a potion and bolted off.

As the guard was brought to the scene, I was reminded of my duty. I was still frozen. With the help of Atlas (and more importantly, Mercala and a fairy somewhat similar to Vera), I brought Creighton to a more stable condition. As Atlas went off to give her a peace of her mind, and... Julian? (I hope I got it right) went off to give Strangelove her sentence, I did some further treatment on Creighton, before bringing him to the hospital...

After he was brought in, further diagnosis and treatment(?) was done. Those robots are really handy... but I should get my own tools and learn some more. I hope Seix is okay. I hope Creighton's alright. Still, what would her sentence be?

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Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:15 am

Shinobi Sellsword Scuffle

It was a quiet day. Besides a case of void poisoning...
...It turns out my head has a bounty on it, as well. I was called by a bounty hunter, one of a black cloak.
Asked to meet me in the church (the ivory pilgrims monastery), in a manner that suggested claiming my head.
So, with caution held by a thread, I went off... not before asking Walter to come along. As I headed towards the Monastery, I saw a ninja, clad in green.
He didn't seem like someone I could reason with. He transitioned to battle... awfully quickly. Calming didn't work... but incapacitating did.
But there was much more battle outside. The hunter in question, covered in gore all over, explained as much as he could.
More just confirming everything I thought. As he headed off (leaving the monastery in disrepair), I was left with the cleanup.
...It didn't look like a fight, rather, a slaughter, men against monsters. A pyre was needed.
Ard... everyone... I hope they're okay. But this won't be the end. But I must not kill. No matter what. May Mercala guide me...

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:02 am

Clanning for Ninjas
note: definitely sharpen wit when possible

A lazy day, or so I hoped it would be. As I readied myself for the day,
I headed to the stall and said my good mornings (or rather, evenings) to the square.
Ard was already in the stall. As I made my way in to continue cleaning, I was told to stop for a moment. Things were serious. Tensions were high.
We headed elsewhere so that nobody eavesdropped, then,
I learned that she learned that I was attacked, from Yakin. I told her what I knew, attempted to reason WHY this is happening,
then afterwards, she decided to extend Tedric's protection to me, Mercala bless her.

After that, we made our way back to Cellsvich, where once more I was brought along for explanations.
As it turns out, he (and his friends, Claudia and a blue-haired Zeran among them) were in the middle of a civil war between
ninja. The ones we can't afford to trust would be the colored ones, while the colorless ones...I should be careful and keep
an eye out, nonetheless. (Hiro and Jin are names I should keep in mind.)
Apparently, sanctuary is being made within Cellsvich for protection against enemies. There's a chance that we (myself, and Walter's group) could be denied, so I must be on the lookout for the other that is being built.
After all was said and done, the group dispersed...
Those scrolls are truly interesting. Though the fourty-nine that possess them can't be prepared for, they are truly curious. Perhaps it's the mage in me speaking (or rather, penning), but I feel like I might want to study one of those.

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Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:29 am

On the Subject of Clans

Another tense day in Cellsvich. Another day where I'm only half-focused.
The main focus of this entry, of course, is the info I've learned about the Shinobi Scroll Shadow Showdown,
why this is happening, how this is happening and snippets of what is happening, in no particular order.
First, I learned that the Ivory Pilgrims Monastery is now safe to reside in (thank Mercala), thanks to the cautious eyes of the allied ninja/shinobi.
(I should really catch his name next time...)
As well as within the walls of Cellsvich.

Also, I learned why this is happening. Me, Ard and Alex are mere distractions, so I've heard.
Training. Not even for the money, but mere training. What kind of training?
Milling on it won't help...
Some day, I will go back to my normal life. No more ninja nonsense. No more magical scrolls.
Then, I will get engaged... Yaeko. I'm so sorry I kept it waiting...

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Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:55 pm

There's going to be a lot of pages, and this might be a bit unsorted.
Please be advised. I have tried to seperate each "chapter" to the best of my ability.
A back-breaking mistake and the story so far;
10/26/339 ~ 1/27/340
The Beginning
It's been a long time in that hospital, and in that time a lot happened.
However, each day, besides the events, have become a blur. It all started on the day 10/26/339,
when I was doing what just about everyone (I know) does in Cellsvich; loiter around the square, when Walter had decided to remind me
I had an exercise schedule (that didn't involve holding the rucksack for as long as possible), and that I was to train my arms, through the practice of push-ups. However, I believed that I could, in fact, lift my rucksack and was confident in my strength.
How far from the truth I was. As I attempted to do my first push-up with the rucksack on, pain shot through my body, and I had a back-breaking realization (in more ways than one);
I was not quite that strong. Nor was I my own best judge. It was loud enough for all to hear.
The session was terminated, as I had to be brought to Sanctuary, put in a brace (after diagnosis), then await recovery.

And so began the two month wait.
The Wait - Ard's Visit
In the beginning, all that I can recall is that I had to wait. A lot. Prayer helped to pass the time, as did Vera's questioning.
Nothing noteworthy. However, what was noteworthy;
I had to go through some awkward explanations in the beginning; starting with Ardnaid. After explaining the situation to her,
she told me to stay, for not only my sake, but Yaeko's May Mercala's light keep her safe and hers.
I lent her some potions, also lightening the load on my back a bit.

Then came Walter's visit.
The Wait - Walter's First Visit
At first, he was surprised that I was still there, which I then explained as for being for my own sake.
Though, loneliness being the beast it is, Walter had prepared to fight it. He has gathered a group of formidable loneliness slayers (aka his friends)
to fell the terrible beast. However, in the process, it is likely that my dignity was also slain, as collateral damage.
After continued conversation, eventually, a subject came up. Not my terrible eating habits within the walls (I should really return this food),
but rumors. Rumors that could ruin the target; Claudia.
After a momentary verbal spat, she and Tani headed off.
The Wait - Claudia's Last Visit
I reassured Walter in the time that they were gone, discussed our relationships, then, afterwards, the topic of rumors came up again, as
Tani and Claudia entered the room, latter in not a very jovial mood. In fact, she was in a state of irrational anger, as it appears that there
were rumors that she was using her friends. Her manner of speech, as I could recall, was her being more angry that there were rumors against her, rather than the problem itself.
She refused to calm down.
After storming off, Walter was less than happy. He saw the best in her, yet...
...After more talking, the door opens. Claudia is back, irrational want for violence with her, along with Tani. Nobody wanted to fight but Claudia. I forced myself out of the bed in an attempt to end it, but only after the first strike.
After treating Walter's wound (possibly risking myself further injury in the process), against protests, Tani finally got the guard for
Claudia, though nobody else in the room wanted it. As the guard made their way in, there was but one thought that stuck out.
With friends like these, who needs enemies?
The Wait - The Inevitable
I continued to stare a hole into that ceiling. After a brief questioning by the guard, a brief questioning of what was going on,
then a brief exit, I was then greeted by at least two familiar faces; Tosseau and Strangelove. Oh, and Tani gave me a plush.
To be honest, I was quite afraid at first, even with Tosseau to keep her from claiming my head.
Though I did get chewed out as among the worst people she knew. But, a truce was to be struck.
I will not plot behind her back, I will save her life as I would another and I will not talk behind her back. In exchange,
all I got was safety and a second chance. Wouldn't need, nor want anything more.
After a discussion on what may happen when I break the truce (besides my guilt killing me from the inside-out),
there was another familiar face. More friendly, though he did seem completely baffled (I don't blame him) that I broke my
back with a push-up. No, rather, I announced it to a room of friendly faces.
After talk of a game of Technica, as well as implied relationships, enough was enough. Yakin had decided to give Walter the standard punishment in the ice-fishing industry. Behold; fish. As he took out the frozen fish, Walter stood, and faced the music.
With a loud slap, Walter was sent flying into the wall! Yakin's honor avenged, eventually they made up, through only the most
manly of ways; rising up, hugging briefly with mutual pats on the back, but only briefly. Truly, this is how men bond.
After further discussions and well-wishes, they headed off. I began to wonder to myself when the wait will end.
The Wait - The Reminder
It was another wonderful day of staring at the ceiling, interrupted by a menacing gaze from Walter!
Of course, it was dire news, as I had to in fact, get my daily food. Jokes aside, there was, indeed, important news.
The Ninja are still active and they appear to have a (possibly paraphrased) "serial rapist" among their ranks.
Long story short, the ninja(?) tried to take advantage of first someone else, then demanded Walter. Not only that, but a secret was revealed.
For the sake of Walter, this secret will not be jotted down. However, I know not of how long this secret can be kept.
(If you're reading this, please don't inquire.)
And I must remember not to blame myself. Not everything is my fault. Also, I have to remember to eat.
The Wait - The First Steps
Another day of staring into the ceiling, another day of Walter's visit. Or, rather, Doctor Walter. He was in a rather jovial mood!
Or, perhaps he just felt like messing around, or lifting my spirits. Theories non-withstanding, I did, in fact, make my way outside for
the Yuletide season. Unfortunately, it appeared everyone was hatted, and I have chosen the wrong time to be hatless.
However, I was spared, and merely given a chance to convert to the guild of hats. So I did, as it was the season to be jolly (And to be thankful), though I did not get a costume, due to my poor state (though I was not poor of Murai).
As I was given my hat, I sat back and continued chatting with Walter. The square was empty, and after enough time I realized that besides
the company, there was no difference in productivity between lying in bed and being in the square.
As I headed back into the hospital bed, we discussed why Imperial customs are, then eventually, I drifted off.
The Wait - The Recurrence
Perhaps it was another day of the same old, same thing. Perhaps I was doing something different.
It mattered not, not so much as this event did; the recurrence of Strangelove, this time without Tosseau. This time, I was most certainly
uneasy. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Yet I felt a sort of calm. The kind of calm that isn't, for lack of a better team, like
I've come to terms with my own death. Of course, Strangelove merely wanted to warn me of the impending dinner, along with wonder why exactly
I hated her. Ah, now that I ruminated on it, the reason why I loathed her was because she reminded me of the capital incarnate; Imperia.
However, at that moment, I could only remember of her actions. But she had her reasons, too. Almost letting her die. Willing to turn upon my
vows and religions over this petty grudge. Meanwhile, my worst enemy; my self-loathing, mocked me. Mocked me for not simply blindly looking
at her as a mere caricature, as well as mocking me for faltering.
Gods I hate that voice.
But I did hear out her story. That she was loathed throughout her life, even before the guard badge went on. That she relied on what people
liked her, until then they disappeared, and she turned into the person she was today. She is hated by many, but has the conviction to continue
doing what (she thinks) is right, regardless of what others think. (Opposite of me, really.)
Ultimately, they were not the problem with the guard, I realize. Merely their scapegoat. Regardless of perceived favoritism,
as it turns out, the guard were all too willing to kick her off to raise their own standing, through a flawed investigation.
I can't exactly remark on much else. But I've made a vow to not stab her in the back, and to keep my morals straight.
By Mercala, I will.
The Wait - The Celebration
As I laid in my (almost-death)bed, I began to think about the party that was in store.
Was I late? That was chief among my thoughts at the time. Also chief among my thoughts was what would happen.
My moment of thought was interrupted by the incursion of Strangelove, dressed in formal gear for the occasion. (Yep, I was definitely late. It's been twenty years.)
As it turned out, it was most certainly the day of the party. I got Vera to help me out of the bed (many thanks,), then got
Strangelove to carry my rucksack (Wouldn't want to risk another accident. Late thanks,), then to escort me to the yuletide celebration.
Escorted, I was. The trip was a blur, namely because it wasn't all too interesting. The mansion was quite impressive, I have to say!
Well, that's besides the point. Everyone (Tosseau, Lux, a person who I forgot and yes, Strangelove.) was dressed for the occasion, well, most of everyone, besides me. I was more dressed for every day.
As I made my way to the table and oh so painfully slowly took my seat with everyone, I looked over the table of appetizers.
(Those rings rued the day they were put in front of me.)
As everyone made conversation, I began to think. Think about that present I forgot. The presents I forgot.
(It spoiled the taste of the rings.)
After a non-descript amount of time, Strangelove entered the room with a sack of cookies (after first baking them possibly, of course),
then gave the room an idea of her eating habits. (The stranger's comment forced me to take my first sip of the day.)
The sack was finally set down. The appetites of everyone in the room was tested. Lux began to devour the cookies. The (blonde) stranger
took two cookies. Tosseau was forced to consume some of the cookies. I refrained.
After all, there was Turkey to be had.
Of course, the two who refrained; I and the stranger, said our reasons. Hers certainly was a bit heavy, and tested my hope for humanity.
(To leave a grievously wounded person with only a potion...)
We diverted quickly from the subject, as there was, in fact, a living furnace being fed cookies.
A personal intermission was needed quickly after the thought was brought up, and Tosseau burnt up the cookies.
Nature of such omitted, I eventually returned to the party, returning to hear of the end result of the cookie furnace.
Just in time, too, as the turkey was done! It smelt as good as it tasted, but the rich flavor isn't something I want to get used to.
I heard further discussion from another perspective. The subjects mostly escaped me, as I simply listened.
Or, rather, I'm not willing to record. But it was nothing too ominous, more simply what they went through.
(I ought to deal with my fragility, though.)
As the party came to an end, presents were handed out.
Most were given in caprice; mine was a ticket representing exactly one training session, Tosseau's was a box of Liquid Courage.
Lux's gift was actually, indeed, a gift. It was a bear pelt; one that could also double as armor thanks to enchantments.
All the party-goers were let off with a hug, as they made their way back to town...
It truly is curious, though. How come this was my first yuletide?
On a more dire note, I need to redeem my ticket.
Wait's End - A New Beginning (unfortunately)
I was still in bed. Was it a day after the party, or the week? The days went by like a blur.
But, something did stick out, first; Walter becoming an official doctor. Second, the fact that I hit the earlier deadline of recovery.
(Less importantly, I missed out on a boardgame, thanks to all my rest.)
Though, I was not fully recovered. At least, so I thought. Walter believed that I should be, or at least, he told me to do some stretches.
As I (un)braced myself, I then began to do the first stretch; touching my toes without bending my knees. It sounded simple enough.
It was a struggle, to say the least. Eventually, eventually, something gave. Namely, my back. Through some terrible stroke of bad luck,
my back was thrown out of alignment. Thanks to Walter's prodding, he found out how exactly it was thrown out, as well as
helping me find out that the misalignment will require surgery, as, again, a stroke of bad luck had thrown it out of position.
With all this bad luck and thanks to Walter, I was given the resolve to finally take that rucksack off.
(After much deliberation, of course.)
Walter made his leave, after all was said and done, hopefully to make way for the surgeon.
I have seen things from that hospital bed that I doubt others ever will.
It's a good thing Vera recorded said events for me.
Wait's End - Reading Between the Lines
I took some more time off, awaiting the surgeons. Or surgeon. Either way, it was more time.
During this time off, I met an old friend; Sigil. He was as old-looking as I last saw him, that is to say; quite old.
I was also reintroduced to a proper meal (note to self; boiled rice does not constitute a good breakfast and neither does sushi,) for the first time in a while, likely because I was living on leftovers.

Another thing I was re-introduced to was something to do in the meantime, or rather, something to read.
Only after Sigil had decided to deliver an entire wagon of them, of course. It was honestly stunning to see all those books.
A bit overwhelming, even, to be honest. So I decided to leave it up to Sigil to decide. It came with the bonus of being able to discuss it.
(Admittedly, the name of the book, and the characters, were quite silly.)
It appears that the books were quite old, however, they still posed questions yet. (Of course, "why didn't I read this yet?" was not one of them. "Did I read this yet?" was.)

To provide a summary, it was a discussion between a "Euthyphro" and a "Socrates", on the subject of the definition of piety.
Perhaps that was not a good summary, but it's not exactly the focus here, even if I and Sigil did discuss on the subject of it;
how Socrates leads others along showing how we are uncertain of our stances, or falsehoods, among other things.
It was a lot to ponder on.

I was given plenty of time to ruminate and read through the books, however, as my surgery was to be delayed.
As well as I was given a new book to read, namely, on the subject of death and the Afterlife. It, again, had a strange name,
but it is quite profound in its writings...
...As Sigil made his departure, I worried for how long I'd be delayed.
Thankfully, not as long as my reading of Phaedo (where is it?) and the writing of these pages.
Wait's End - Old Friend
(In case someone snoops through this, I will with-hold the name and identity of a certain someone.)
This one's a bit fuzzier than usual, even though I'm finally reaching a more recent time. Was there a knock at the door?
Either way, it was another day of visits, this time from a "V" as well as Walter. I gave "V" the usual introductory explanation;
this time also adding in the fact that it now needs surgery. There was discussion around the nature of how I managed to do so.
After said discussion reaching a theoretical "what if I messed my nerves up," Walter decided to go get some coffee.

V headed closer and spoke in a hushed tone. At the time, I was a bit confused. First off was how I was lately.
Second off, an apology for what they did, though the nature of such at the time was unknown.
The coffee break is interrupted by Hum's entry. Unfortunately, they were not a practiced surgeon.
Speaking of practice, Walter got the idea of learning surgery through doing so on corpses. As it turns out, it's actually somewhat common.
The discussion continues, until eventually, I am given another moment with V alone.

We continued our talk, first myself telling them that I was indeed targeted at the time, but little else, then them revealing something
quite (forgive me for the lack of better terms) revealing. Of course, for the sake of privacy, I will not state the nature of
such, however, it put the apology in context. I did, indeed, forgive them for their act.
I then elaborated on my situation; including when Claudia lashed out at Walter. After further apologies and rumination on the situation,
V finished up with talking with me, and made their leave.
I can't tell if I overheard it or if it was offered, but I remembered this line; Want some drugs, kid?
Wait's End - The Last Visit
Another day, another prayer, another moment of idle thoughts.
But it did mark a day closer to the end, as well, Ian's entry and answer also marking such.
Patience is a virtue, one that was tested, or rather, implied to be tested.
Of course, the test ended once Strangelove made her entry. She looked quite different from usual, might I say, quite thoughtful.
Well, during entry. Someone suddenly talking to you tends to burst the bubble of thought rather quickly.
Especially when it's someone that against all odds, manages to mess themself up, though they've laid in bed most of their time.
But perhaps she was merely only temporarily distracted from someone that she cared about (possibly) dying.

Nonetheless, she was on a trip to take a break, to get her thoughts in order.
When you've got a reputation like her, breaks are only natural to take. There was some discussion on this, as well as on what
was happening with me lately. Someone else also paid a visit; my own self-loathing, which Vera tried to keep at bay. (Thank you.)
She somewhat emphasized with my situation, seeing as she were stuck before, though more from exertion than from injury and for but one month.

But she did touch upon the fact that I felt lonely, somehow. In spite of having friends to visit. The (perceived?) infrequency helps.
As well as the ticket I was given, which, Mercala forgive me, has not been redeemed, at the time of writing, though I planned on doing so
as soon as possible. Speaking of as soon as possible, there was a surgery to be undertaken, or rather, to be under the knife of.
Because of the lack of surgeons actually coming, Strangelove had suggested something. What might this plan be?
"Make a ruckus."
A plan with known risks by the one undertaking it, but one I have my doubts on, due to their "history."
However, they were confident in their abilities (and inability to get arrested), so they decided to, indeed, make a ruckus.
It took some time, but it was successful. Successful enough to draw a doctor in. Not the surgeon, just Doctor Hum, here to deliver a visitor.
The visitor in question was Gowwel, (debatably) unfortunately unable to bring a book, but yet still bringing a story.
(That I didn't listen to.)
Hum questioned me, first on my status, then, on the subject of Strangelove coming in.
After my answers to the two questions, she then offered to give me surgery. I asked her about the risks. Of course, said risks included;
Dying. The surgery was re-considered. After they decided on using the bots, quickly after, the doctors of the hour arrived;
Walter and Ian. The latter being the one actually doing all the surgery; the former was at the time of writing still an apprentice.
(It was at this time that Gowwel asked to do the healing. Awfully late, but better luck next time?)
They prepared for the surgery, and prepared to put me under the knife. Of course, this meant me becoming a lesson for the apprentices,
as well. The brace was off, the drugs were on and I was knocked out.
As I fell into my sleep for the surgery and following days, I knew, deep down, that it's over.
It was finally over.
A footnote;
As I made my way out of the hospital, while being introduced to jerky, which I ought to inquire Strangelove about its proper creation, I made sure to sort my inventory properly.
I began to write this down and wondered if I should just bring this with me all the time if I'm to spend so much time writing an entry.
But I knew one thing.
It's finally over. I can move on.
There's a faint smudge on the page.

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:02 am

Exasperating Challenger
Ah, Cellsvich, you never cease to amaze. Ah, Cellsvich, please change.
To start things off, I was scrubbing the stall as usual. Then, Claudia, being the genius she was, walked on a broken leg.
Velvet was attempting to heal said leg, in public, while Claudia was being somewhat uncooperative. Apparently, from what I could hear,
Xas was ready to step in if it went wrong. However, what Xas was also ready for was challenging the Guard.
I may have lost track of the situation, because I'd also like to mention that Claudia bit her own arm to stop Velvet treating her.
The Lieutenant (who from now on will be called Stieber, thank you Vera,) was trying to stop the situation's escalation.
Xas, on the other hand, decided to attempt to stop Stieber, though it was not needed in the first place. He tried to challenge Stieber.
Of course, once Velvet moved Claudia out of the scene, there was no need for guard intervention. Stieber takes her leave, and Xas takes his seat.
Where did she take her leave to?
Strangelove's bar. I decided to follow along, knowing I had a debt to repay. (Also because I was not in the mood to explain a misunderstanding.)

I wandered the streets, looking for the bar. It was a sight that I wasn't used to. But, I looked at most of the buildings.
Then, testing my luck, I went into an alleyway. I then stopped at the bar in question, inviting name and all, and went in.
As it turns out, Strangelove was at the desk. The subject of the moment being the situation, and Xas in general.
I gave my own view on the situation, as everyone else has. I was offered a drink, however, I already had my own.
(This was a man that bragged about cooking and eating a Corbie in an Onigan bar.)
Strangelove decided to deal with the situation herself, bringing Stieber along, leaving Tosseau to man the bar.
So, a tense wait began.
Calie did appear while we were waiting for Strangelove to return. I asked about the outside world, growing antsy during said wait.
I got no new news from her. But I did learn that she could drink ale. I also learned that Tosseau can't really catch a break, even if he wanted to.
Conversation carried on.

Eventually, Walter made his way in, as did Metis, given time. First was the inquiry about the establishment.
Then, came the question of what happened. Afterwards, there was finally an answer.
Xas was killed.

I put two and two together, and knew that this meant that the meeting between Strangelove and Xas went south.
They continued to discuss him, in light of his misting and during the discussion, there was more news.
Strangelove was arrested, though she was with the guard.

I thought about it and likely burst a blood vessel in my brain. She had the backing of the guard, yet didn't have the backing of the guard.
Of course, she wasn't going to be held for long. Yet still, though the action might not have been completely justified...
...No, he attempted to bite her in the middle of public, cementing the fact he was, well and truly, a vampire, if his death didn't make it clear.
It was a long day, to say the least.

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:34 am

Emperor Carmine's workings
It was just another day of being stricken by sudden wanderlust, and stewing madness.
I ended up wandering into another bar, and I may or may not have been struck by a sudden urge to drink.
(Mercala help me.)
And when I entered, it was during the discussion of a certain Emperor Carmine, who is apparently so convoluted that attempted explanation
can drive even the most sober man to madness. Yakin attempted to discuss the forbidden lore, as Walter gibbered and tried to comprehend.
(It was quite the sight.)
Ard entered later, first mistaking me for a drinker, (Which, with every coming day, is closer to not being mistaken) then
revealing some interesting news. Very interesting news, one that trumped the forbidden lore in terms of importance.

"Gentlemen, do promise me you won't be angry."

A promise I wish everyone could've heeded. The news that followed drove everyone at the table to rage, myself included.
Gowwel was being Gowwel; offering acts of debauchery. A rough-looking woman; apparently the very same one that drove my hopes for
that GODSFORSAKEN TRASH ISLAND THAT CALLS ITSELF SIGROGANA into the trash can then straight through the void,
took him up on the offer, for murai. 4000 murai. She sold her soul for 4000 murai, got 6000 and did it without batting an eye.
I was, if my writing didn't make it painfully obvious, angry. Angry at her, angry at Imperia for allowing this to happen, consumed by an
abnormally vivid wrath.

Denial only made it worse.

No talk of the forbidden lore could distract my mind from it.
The story continued. Ard confronted her, to no avail. Turns out she put her soul in the hands of Gowwel for the money.
Had the gall to go to another man while shopping, even when warned. A certain detail that helped the two most afflicted;
Yakin and Walter boil over the engine of rage and bring forth a revelation was a certain word, a tic if you will.


The first obviously afflicted (Besides myself, possibly) was Walter. He got up to go outside and vent his anger.
A loud yell followed his departure, just after Yakin pieced it all together. The yell startled me at first, as it was at the time unexpected.
But then, as he made his re-entry, it was all clear. As was my anger. My anger boiled and burned.
This was a problem, as Yakin pointed out, or rather, his own anger being the problem. Walter decided on taking the group;
Me, Yakin, Ard and himself out to the terrace. The other patrons, besides Nemi made their leave from the area, to goodness knows where.

The group made it to the terrace.
Walter was next to Yakin, holding him back. Yakin was staring over the cliff. I was standing nearby. Ard was also doing so.
It was a tense moment. Yakin then spoke, after the moment that felt like forever,
"Remind me, how much did she sell her soul for, again?"
The kindling was in place. There only needed a spark.
"Six thousand murai."
The spark was lit. What followed was a rage building up, a rage that displayed just what he thought of it all. In part, also how I felt.
Ard took her steps back and took necessary precautions. I took my steps back as well, and sorted through my medical supplies.
His rage begun. On the subject of how she denies her harlotry, but keeps on doing actions befitting of such. How she has yet to be smote
for such. He was in such a state of rage that Walter finally held him back, as I took it upon myself to remind him, though it may have fell on
deafened ears.

Then, finally, Walter decided to do something stupid. Not that he wasn't warned.

Walter tossed himself and Yakin into the water and what followed was some of the most stressful moments of that day.
A series of snaps as the two hit the sea. It appears that Walter was more fortunate, seeing as he could still swim.
Yakin, on the other hand, fell silent. There was blood in the water. Yaeko entered. My mind was a blur as I tried to focus on something,
anything to stop myself from breaking down. (Vera's voice was muffled. So I don't think much could be done.)
I ran over to the shore, lo and behold, there the crowd was. I could spot Walter yelling at Yakin.
There was little time to waste as I got a read on the situation. His ribs were broken in such a state that they could only be called "Jenga Pieces."
He started coughing blood and my mind continued to swim. I called to Mercala to help me, to bring him from the brink of death!

I was hyper-focused in that moment, to the point where I couldn't remember on my own.
I slipped into a state of mind where I was calm beyond any measure, only focusing on the patient and the doctor in charge.
The Doctor, Walter took the reins from there. Then everything went back to normal and the panic reached its climax.

Yaeko was out cold. In time, Yakin was not. But there was no need for further Mercana, even if absolutely nothing was okay.
Yakin screamed, and my mind did, as well. I tried to wake Yaeko up, only thinking in the moment, as the screaming within and without intensified.
The ever reliable Sal Volatile; able to rouse the unconscious and expose them to major hearing damage.
I became like a statue as I realized just how badly I thought I messed up.
My brain shut down.

In the end, Yakin got a vacation and Walter got his revenge.
All was relatively well. But I don't know how long I can keep myself together.

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Re: Herb-scented Log

Post by FancyCyclops » Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:08 pm

Losing Saitos his way
Today was a long day, and it all started from when I was reminded of a certain someone, one with a mask.
(I wonder what I should do with the reminder.)
At the time, the name rang no bells when it came to appearance, and when I was told of a mask, I had to go off on a limb.

Little did I know what I was about to witness.

A man who seemed awfully similar was being lead to the square by Julien, right towards Atlas, to address questionable rumors about him.
His reputation was brought up as the question of the allegedly unfounded rumors was asked, before saying to ask Ard and an Iris about it.
With it, I eventually know who it was. The fuel was there, and soon, the fire began to burn.
It all began when he began to lie.

Initially, there was a trade of verbal blows between Atlas and Julien, along with accusation that Atlas ruined his reputation.
However, the man in question, Saitos, was not forgotten, as he was still brought up when they made their points against eachother.
Whereas Julien and Atlas made their points, the alleged victim tried to make his defense, while his body prepared to go on offense.

One of his points was that Ardnaid was given shelter and a mentor by him and Iris a roof over her head.
Conveniently, she happened upon the scene. The pieces were set and all that was needed was the winning plays.

It might as well have been checkmate the moment she happened upon the scene.

She told her side of the story; one more believable than the tirade of pit water that was the pervert's excuse.
She continued, but the pervert continued to lie and deny, trying to gain pity. When she wanted lessons, she got offers of debauchery,
more and more. Among his acts, she asked for an item, he'd ask for a lapdance and a low price. When she got with Alex, he went after
him knowing it would hurt her.

Yet he continued to run and deny.
He continued to go on his tirade, wanting pity for himself, wanting to make people think he's atoning.
He exaggerated a spar, claiming that he was still marked from it. He could be lying about the scar entirely, as a way
to gain more pity, but it didn't work. As he continued to run and dodge, more entered the scene. Alex, then as it became notable, Yakin,
quickly followed by the Iris in question. His grave was being dug further and further. He was practically delusional as he rambled on.

Iris, as well, didn't take his side, as she knew better.

Julien heard enough. He decided to give the pervert a piece of advice; something that would ensure he would not get his just desserts,
"It would be in your best interest to make yourself scarce and move on from Sigrogana."
As he found himself lost, as he found himself undone, he did only what a man afraid of confronting himself could do.
Kill himself in public and pray people cry about him. All that happened was that many were traumatized, the square was made a mess,
and I had to had to had to had to somehow regain my composure.


Chaos reigned, as flames, crystals and somewhere in-between were the words that came to mind when assessing the situation.
Somehow, the wreck was still alive. But not quite. Yakin reminded me of duty, and I walked forward to fulfill it...
...But death already claimed him. In its place, a possessed husk. What wasn't taken into account was there was at least two exorcists at the scene.


He was no more. What he left behind was eventually destroyed. I took my rest. Nothing of value was lost that day.

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