A Mechanation's impromptu diary

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A Mechanation's impromptu diary

Post by BazTheBlue » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:37 am

A simple, leather-back diary bought from an Alstalsian merchant within the markets of Dormeho. Upon the reverse side of the cover was taped a tattered, smudged photograph capturing a family of five. On the ground with crossed legs sat a girl with long, braided hair and a bright, toothy grin. On her left, a similarly faced girl with neatly kept twintails and a theatrically haughty expression, along with a taller, dashing man with unkempt, shoulder length hair, a broad build and cocky smirk. To her right, stood tall and proper despite his shorter height, a boyish young man with neatly cropped hair and a tome hugged in both arms. Towering above them all and behind with a proud smile that trumped even that of the girl below him, a bald, bearded and dark-skinned Onigan man with a colossal build. The edges of the picture were singed and torn relentlessly, threatening to consume the captured memory in its entirety.

Upon the first page, scratchy writing.

Bought this notebook today. I figured it might be a good idea. Not really sure what to do.

I could not sleep last night. Nightmares kept me awake, and I could not shake the stiff, burning feeling in my leg. Woke Gungnir up from her sleep with the pain, chewed down on a chunk of the landlaugher Micca gave me and eventually drifted back. Some nights, it feels like nothing is improving.

First thing I did after getting tea and spending the early morning at home was head down to Micca's workshop, to visit her and Felicia. Offered to help around, but there wasn't much to be done, so I went for a walk down to the market, where I bought this thing.

I then went and fished for a while on the dock, and I kept to myself, mostly. I have not seen Ichirou for a while, my poor idiot brother. This sort of thing seems more his speed, I do not even know what to write!!!

I suppose it would be wise to pin the old photo to it. Might be safer after what happened before. I think I sign off, here. Or maybe that was for letters? Gungnir is better at this than me. If Jon was here, he would have known.