The Day I Let Him Go

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The Day I Let Him Go

Post by Sarah54321 » Thu May 23, 2019 4:32 pm


"When we're older, how about we travel all over the world together? That way- when we're asked 'Well what have you been doing'... We can say 'Everything'!"

"Hah? That's... really silly, you know. You should reach for higher things, especially since we're both going to be at the same school."

"Nah, one day, I'll make sure to bring you on the best adventure."


This story was about two children at one point- growing up in Karaten, they lived their lives together in bliss. The boy was red haired- energetic and always bright. The girl was much more down to earth, yet she enjoyed his warmth- the way he made her smile. They went to the same school all their lives, each competing rather playfully about who would do the best.

The girl almost always won- why wouldn't she, when she was so splendid at everything?

The boy came to admire her, in many ways. How she spoke so cleverly, how she was so beautiful- how she was his very best friend.

The girl- well the girl was an enigma at most times, though she definitely enjoyed the boy's time with her. As they grew, they became more talented, adventurous, and curious about the world.

So one day... The boy pulled the girl over to the side, smiling and whispering quietly so the other students didn't hear.

"I heard that there's this special tower, a very wise, very powerful wizard and his beast rests there... I think we should both visit. That way- we can show the wizard we're strong!"

The girl quirked a brow, saying,"I think that's really foolish- but... if you really want to go, I guess I'm obligated to come along with, aren't I?" The girl chuckled a little bit, and she pressed her hands to his.

The boy just grinned broadly, ear to ear. After a few moments of beaming, he swiftly grasped her hand and began to lead her out of the academy.


They'd gathered items that they needed. Food, Water, Climbing Tools, Hiking equipment, just in case. They weren't dumb about it- such a journey might be dangerous! Their parents pat their heads, saying that they should 'Enjoy their time as children'. Perhaps, then, they assumed that the two friends were simply going out camping?

Nonetheless, off they set off. The woods of Kysei were a little thick, and the girl had to make sure she didn't lose the boy in the forest itself. Time passed, more time, yet the boy and girl never gave up.

The tower was before them, and they'd never give that away.


The tower raised above most of the forest, though it was rather far away from Karaten. When the two children found it, they'd thought it was an illusion at first- but no, it was real. The boy pointed up at it, eyes wide as he cried out-

"We found it, hey look- It's REAL!" A howl of laughter, the boy was proud of himself. Swiftly, without even waiting, the boy swung the door open- a mist of Focus and wind rushing forth as he entered. The girl quickly followed after, calling out that they should be careful. Of course, it fell on deaf ears, but she tried anyway.

They'd found themselves near the middle, getting tired after walking up so many stairs. The boy came to notice a door, leading to another place. Curiously, he motioned towards the girl before walking over to open it.



The girl and boy snapped awake at their campsite, the sun beginning to dawn upon them. Confused, the girl spoke out to the boy, who seemed more tired than usual. He let out a little, nervous laugh, rubbing at his head.

"I think we both fell asleep... I can't find that tower anywhere," the boy huffed out, sighing and moving to stand. Staring into the distance, he then smiled brightly at the girl. "Let's head back home, I think I've had enough adventuring for now!" He exclaimed.

The girl, confused yet accepting, sighed and nodded.

A Story of acceptance, End Part 1.
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