[Newspaper] Karatynn Daily: Samantha Heyer Reports

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[Newspaper] Karatynn Daily: Samantha Heyer Reports

Post by Wesan » Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:46 pm

Samantha Heyer, Karatynn News Reporter

This output topic from Roleplaying Samantha Heyer. Young journalist that came to Sigrogana to research and interview it's community and traditions. If you have some feedback or think your character is worth to be interviewed. Please contact me on skype [wesank]. Articles in this topic are input on Karatynn newspaper by Samantha. Project is driven by me. [Wesan] and miss Blissey http://neus-projects.net/memberlist.php ... ofile&u=50, who is editor and person behind making my grammar look proper.
Interview with Doctor Mavis Florence Haemin-Slyfer

"The Void must be stopped."

An interview with a well-known Sigroganian Doctor and Scientist, Doctor Mavis Florence Haemin-Slyfer.

Doctor Mavis Haemin is a happily married citizen of Sigrogana with roots in Mersales. She is a mother to three young and intelligent children that she takes care of. Her favourite hobbies are tending to her domain, taking care of her offspring, sometimes sewing, and reading. She loves all colors of the spectrum, and is surely an interesting persona in the land I visit for you dear readers.

Doctor Mavis agreed for an interview to share her point of view with us, dear Karatynns.

Samantha Heyer - Doctor, what can you tell me about your research with The Void?
Doctor Mavis Haemin, "It's quite extensive with many road blocks, but I've managed to combine my knowledge of elven healing with specific Mercanic rituals I can't divulge to completely cure Void Poisoning at its primitive stage, that is, stage one. All I know is that it immediately affects the cells. Well, all I can divulge, I and a team of proficient healers and doctors are in continuance in figuring out how to eradicate the plague entirely. Without harming others, of course. The risk of Void Poisoning rises every day. It doesn't stop. It continues to ascend. No one is, of course, listening. Especially those who harness the power of the Void. They're so enthralled by the power that they've gone blind. So nothing can really succor them. If even the Gods couldn't survive the Void, what can we do? Very little."

Samantha Heyer - What about your origins? Were you born in Sigrogana?
Doctor Mavis Haemin, "No, no of course not. I was born on Mersales. If I had been born here, I'd likely be bellicose, something I'd rather not be. As you may know, the people around here mostly tend to be...Very pugnacious. They enjoy maiming each other far too frequently. It really chews on medical resources. And the blatant reliance on healing magic just boosts that recklessness."
Samantha Heyer - So how did you end in Sigrogana?
Doctor Mavis Haemin, "I found a higher purpose in life. Mersales' rigid structure didn't hold true to me anymore, so I left."
Samantha Heyer - Helping others?
Doctor Mavis Haemin, "Indeed."
Samantha Heyer - Could you tell me about your doctoral work? Are you alone or you share it with some Colleagues?
Doctor Mavis Haemin, "Plenty. A doctor doesn't work alone. A licensed and certified one, of course."

Samantha Heyer - Do you feel like you've made right decision with your way of life?
Doctor Mavis Haemin, "Decisions I needed to make, yes."
Samantha Heyer - Do you have any tips for our readers back in Karaten? Some advice for society and people, to make their life better and closer to peacefulness.
Doctor Mavis Haemin, "Listen to others and their reasoning before deciding, try having higher tolerance. And of course, avoid the Void."

Dear readers, The Void must be stopped. As Doctor Mavis said,
"The Void is, unfortunately, a ubiquitous, pernicious affliction many suffer through each and every day, by choice or otherwise."
And it needs to be stopped. This is no mere warning. The Void affects our lives and might become our undoing if we continue to exploit its power.

Take care my dear readers,

Your Sigrogana informant,
Samantha Heyer.
I hope you did enjoy this form of roleplay and I'd love to hear if you want more. Beside the interview I'm releasing Samantha's notebook to public. Link will get stable but it will get updated every collected data on interview, you will find info of people she already did interview and her reasearch, additionally some easter eggs. Though I'm showing you the link. It's still just an OOC thing until Sam will allow your character to take a look into her book.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/815 ... ebook.html

Also, there is one person that Sam would like to review. If you (Affluent Alchemist - Airi Carissa Limwell II ) would like to participate. Please do contact me.