The Greitsteel Family

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The Greitsteel Family

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Greitsteel Family


Date: 06/30/172 (1st Gen)

In the country of Karaten, a human by Alfred Greitsteel fought in many wars for the protection of his country, and was given land as reward for his courageous efforts. Slowly expanding on it, he became king of his own monarchy. He was then courted by a female glykin named Ivannia as they later married and had six children, all of which were great grandfathers to the monarchy. The eldest being the sole King and the others becoming guards and protectors of the Karaten region. There efforts grew to the point of which they were nicknamed The Bastion family, as their strongholds were believed to be impenetrable, as Alfred was often called the Bold Bastion due to his heavy efforts in protecting others with his shield. However his legacy does not stop there....

Date: 08/25/208 (2nd gen)

On his deathbed, Alfred Greitsteel had died at sixty, and his crown has fallen to his eldest son, Andrew Greitsteel. As he had not only put honour and pride to the mantle, He was intelligent man and a Mechanic unlike his predecessor. He helped create the use of the families engines and steam powered weapons, Often using his Pneumatic Battering ram To break through enemy sieges as well well as penetrate enemy armour and artillery during invasions. This man was given the title, Baffling Bastion, as the weapon he used in combat was quite unusual. Some say that it was more Baffling that he worked so well Using it, he was married to a human named catherine and had three children.

Date 02/10/273 (3rd gen)

Feeling it was his time to step down for his successor, Andrew had given the crown to his daughter as he believed his sons were too young to take up the mantle.Living his five final years to untill sickness and death, Queen Beatrice Greitsteel had also learned how to maintain peace with other monarchies and create vassals for the Greitsteel family. Ever since then, most engagements and conversations with others had lasted peacefully. She herself as resolved more conflicts than the entire monarchy combined, giving her the title of Benevolent Bastion. As a reminder of her kindness towards others. She now has five children with a brave knight named charles. She is currently living in a Manor as she is the only monarch to stand down, and still live to this day.

Date 05/08/310 --> Present (4th -->5th gen)

Satisfied with her doings, she gave the crown once again to her eldest son Fredrick. He helped carry on the legacy of the guardian, as he not only put the family to work by heavily training them and getting them to help others further and to encouraging others to often use electric-powered weapons and such. He has sent many of his sons and daughters to help. Often helping kingdoms fight off invading nations and terrorists, as well as fighting heavily and destructively against his enemies even Blowing up others with his very own cannon without mercy, as his title as Brutish Bastion further proves this. Fredrick and his siblings have sent a few of the Greitsteel family, especially in cellvich due to the recent attacks. Your job is currently to improve the livelyhood of others as well as uphold honour to the family name.

[LEADER] Edward Greitsteel. (Bodacious Bastion)
[LEADER] Blissy Greitsteel. (Blissful Bastion)


Race: Mainly Glykin or Human, however any race can be made due to the habit of breeding from other kingdoms.
However, you cannot become corrupted or a lich and be in this family (Think that goes without saying but why not add it in.)

Appearance: White clothing and blonde hair prefered but any type of blue clothing is mandatory.

Aliases: Must start with B and end with Bastion. (Gotta keep tradition.)


1. Think with your head and not your weapon. Our main goal is to help the citizens of the kingdom,
It is only ok to draw your weapon if within a reasonable doubt an citizen, family member or yourself is in danger.

2. Should respect higher ranks. The leaders word comes from king Fredericks intentions himself and should be
treated as such.

3.Do not engage a person in an attempt to goad conflict with another clan.

4. Try and make an active effort to assist the family in what they need

4. Failure to follow these rules will result in minor to severe punishment to a stripped title and expulsion You are upholding the honour
Of not only our family, but the monarchy itself in the way you act.


Interested? Contact TheProwlingScorcher#5374 on discord for more details.