The Phantom Clan

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The Phantom Clan

Post by zeeden » Wed May 06, 2015 5:02 am


Long ago on the last black eclipse there was a myth of a clan who wore robes of black, that were said to be stained with the blood of the souls of the dead, and were said to hold secrets from all around the world.

They were masters of deception and disguise able to hide directly in the sun or shade. Those most gifted could speak in tongue, make it so that you could not recognize them by their voice or face, able to vanish in front of you without a trace. Their nature of business was of highest priority, for together the clan could overcome anything. Those who wore these robes began to grow fond of each other, creating bonds so strong almost like a family; and their leader a vary shady character.

The clan symbol, his birth mark an unknown seal, but soon realized a sign of power and became a sigil that struck fear all around and gave power to those that wore the mark on their bodies. The clan's mission, that became known as the clan of phantoms created a creed of sorts . " Hidden in shadow watching, ears and eyes for secrets to keep".

The clan's home caravan a vary big place lying deep in the desert of oniga where no non-phantom could get to, however most hang in the pub. for it was a middle ground where wear most of there business could take place.

The story continues of the those who wore the black robes and the clans symbol of fear. ... for some that held the blood of the dead began to fade from their blood black to dark black, although some of the robes still remained stained, they have come out of the shadows now an open group more social than ever before ... but secretly they still gather and hold secrets from all around for for if you had information of the highest degree, you held power over the actions and will of man, over everything.

The clan, grew, and they began to spread out,they began to branch so that they could gather as much intel over all that they could, still meeting amongst each other within the dark. In the dark in the day they exist on all planes; always existing within the twilight, and in the shadows of their enemies hearts. Constantly are bring in more secrets; for the clan has eyes everywhere, watching the public from the shadows,especially those who hold themselves above all others.

The goal of The Phantom Clan you ask? Well that's quite simple, our goal is to become the strongest and most respected clan out there. To help the weak and keep the secrets a sneak. Building the cause of clan vary existence. Diving head deep into the secrets of the world and unlocking the vary knowledge as to how it all began. And seeing whats to become. The phantom clan now forming, find Zeeden and or some of his higher up ranking members to join today.


We also are a skype community. So if you care to meet up with the clan, and get to know the clan more or even if you wish to join the clan right of the back. Add me on skype at "zeeden.anbu". be sure mention where your from on your add request otherwise i my not accept.