Civilian Militia

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Civilian Militia

Post by Ranylyn » Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:23 am

((A few panflets seem to be exchanging hands in major cities. While not overly numerous, there's also no shortage of them))

Brothers and sisters,
we've had enough!

Enough of being defenseless!
Enough of a corrupt system!
Enough of being ignored and mistreated!

You see a crime in progress.
What do you do? Help? Don't?
If you try to stop it, you get
arrested for "vigilanteism!"
If you don't get involved, you're
an "accessory" to the crime, and
are more likely to be arrested than
the actual criminal! And that's not
even getting into the victims, and
if you could have saved lives!

I've read up on the laws, and it
is NOT illegal to try to stop a crime
in progress! What IS illegal is to
pass judgment without the legal
system. It IS within our legal
rights to take action. So, with
a guard corps too incompetent
to chase the real criminals, and
too fearful for their own safety,
let's take it into our own hands!
Let's force them to step up their
game by doing their job better!

This is why I decided to found
the Civilian Militia. Our goal?
To protect. Nothing more. Stop
the crimes before they happen.
We don't have the legal rights to
actively detain or judge criminals,
but we can at least make the effort
to escort them to the "real" guards.
If these criminals are then released
despite all evidence, then it will
only expose their corruption to
the masses, and a change in staff will
become mandatory.

That said, remember that pretending
to be a guard is a criminal offense, and
with good reason! Our legal rights are
very limited, and trying to use our name
as an excuse to more so will only serve to
bring the real guards down upon you, and
to make us disavow your actions. We will
persecute you to the fullest extent permitted,
so don't even try it.

And to all the Guards? I'd like to point
out that our organization technically
does not break any laws by existing and
acting. As for the inevitable accusations of
libel that you will undoubtedly plaster me with,
I actually have witnesses to verify a handful
of my stories, and those are the only ones
I wrote in these things. So rather than
declaring me public enemy number one,
let's just work together. I'm trying to make
your job easier, so don't get mad.

Kelsey Quinn, Founder of the Organization.

((Below is a list of experience, ranging from a former Tannis Militiaman, to their stint as a Vigilante hunting bandits in the sands of Gold. The one thing that becomes readily apparent is that they're obviously some kind of justice freak, due to all the footnotes like "I left since I wasn't helping people" and "I felt like I was making a difference."))
*loud burp*