Black Swan's Vigil

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Black Swan's Vigil

Post by Roland_Staghare » Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:23 pm

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Among the more recent additions to Cellsvich is a stout, stone building knock as Black Swan's Watch designed to house a new minor order. Jackson Tousseau, known as the Black Swan, has put out the call to experts on the spiritual and martial, posting flyers about the town advertising its formation and asking for assistance in a task.

Friends and countryman, I believe I am not the only one who has felt the loss of the city of Mallus and has been pained by how its walls crumble, its surroundings prowled by horrors, and streets almost certainly plagued by many more. While I am aware of the astounding breadth of undertaking it would be to reclaim the city, I would humbly ask those there with the fortitude to try to join me in preparation for the time in which it may be breached, cleansed, and built anew. The pride of the Empire, the wealth of the Empire, and the health of the Empire demands its return. Let us help speed it along. To further this ends, I seek stalwart warriors, menders, and exorcists.

To assist I ask a few things, should you join me.

1. Do no harm to your fellow man unless provoked by violence. The health of the Empire is the health of us.

2. Assist the guards if necessary, but do not interfere with their business. Again, the health of the Empire is ours in kind.

3. Adhere to the law to your best ability. While I care not if you've been ticketed for littering, you shall not attempt to avoid paying your ticket, and you shall do right by your fellow citizens.

4. Be prepared to defend the Empire from any existential threat. Should it be black beasts of grief parasites, we shall preserve our own.

5. Prepare and scout. Both talent, and land. We must study the defenses and our foes, so when the time comes we may cleanse the city with minimum losses and flesh out our ranks so our knowledge and goal shall not perish among the populace.

6. Remain of fit mind and body. Remain willing and able, if there is nothing to be gained by doing something and only risk of injury or diminishment, do not proceed.

Follow these rules and I can, in turn, provide simple lodging in the northern quarter of Cellsvich, provide access to my facilities and access to my armory.

OOC Notes

For those interested in a bit of an occult focused warrior lodge sort of group and gathering up the sorts who'll be interested in Mallus if the ball on it ever gets rolling. It'll be pretty open to anyone who ask, but space may be limited at first. You may contact me at Roland_Staghare#1937 on discord if you want to ask more about it.