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Penumbral Rose

Post by Murderfox » Fri Mar 06, 2015 2:33 am

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Public Guild Statement:
(Chaturangan Guild Listings upon a Noticeboard, somewhere.)
Penumbral Rose are a group of balance-centric likeminded people of different moral standings. They are tied together through the common cause of B.D.P and extra-planar crimes and overall problems this world can come across from threats originating from outside influence. Members consist of people from all walks of life who wish to bring about an elite group who specialize in countering threats to the world. Most, if not all members are based in Chaturanga within a large guild hall - known to house many of the members themselves as a base of operations. Though the Guild is said to have no affiliation with any one country - they are evidently more able to reach out and help Chaturanga and Cellsvich with ease. In the past, some Onigan residents have been skeptical to the various magic-users who walk within their ranks. They contribute and strive to help fend off Black beasts and monsters that invade the lands, regardless of what people say or think.

Generally, if somebody approaches the guild offering for help - and the matter is deemed truly in the best interest of balance; it is quite likely assistance will be offered.

IC/OOC Extras:

Heresay or Public Knowledge:
Nobody truly knows the reason this group exists, though they certainly fight phenomena across the globe wherever they may be. As far as ulterior or grander movements within the rank - most members refuse to comment or would never divulge this information. Some say not even when threatened with death.


Chevalier / Chevaleresse: High standing Officer or Member of grave significance. Usually wears the badge of membership in public to signify their standing - though unless stated - should be considered hidden.

Esquire: Common member. Not to be taken as a 'grunt' or such. Members are all in some rank unique and astounding individuals to have made it into the guild.

Eclaireur: A B.P.D or other phenomena Specialised scout for the organization. They don't show any signification of affiliation whatsoever. They prefer discretion and atriculacy when dealing with the such events.