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Post by Chaos » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:55 pm

(A/N: This actually originated as a joke between two Prison Guard NPCs within Fort Arjav. Since it's apparently expanded outside those NPCs, I supposed it was a good idea to actually try and elaborate on them a little bit.)

In the world of Sigrogana, one who finds themselves in need of a fictional getaway would often pick themselves a novel, one of the oldest forms of entertainment (And sometimes enlightenment) known to man. However, for those who crave a little more than mere words on a paper, there are graphic novels, or as most commonly refer to them, comics. While there are at least a number of comics floating around of all sorts (be they safe for work or otherwise), there are two very notable creations:

Spatial Girl Hime, written by an author known as Nakatiki, is an Onigan comic series centering around a teenage Onigan schoolgirl ("Kyoko Hideyoshi") who, with the aid of a magical creature only known as 'It', is able to fight off an increasing number of threats originating from B.D.P.s by transforming into the superhero whose identity serves as the series' title, "Spatial Girl Hime." The series is well known for both its fanservice and 'Rule of Cool', though while the series had a lot of chapters that mostly dealt with whatever new monster came out and wrecked havoc early on, the plot has since taken a more serious and darker tone, beginning with the sudden and brutal death of the protagonist's younger brother.

On the other hand is
The Justifiables, written by Heyo Arakart. (Fans sometimes call the author 'Haycart') This Sigroganian comic series based on the adventures of a ragtag party of Corrupted folk, with the Shaitan of the group as the central protagonist. Each character in this group have personality and traits that mostly contradict the standard for their specific races, and the party as a whole typically face off against overwhelming odds that require very sharp wit and a little luck. Unlike Spatial Girl Hime, this series focuses on a very strong plot and a lot of interesting characters from beginning to its current chapter and beyond. Due to the Empire's stance on Shaitans, the series often notes that the main protagonist's race is based purely on rumors and folktales.

Due to the multi-national attention these two comics receive, it's not rare to see people talking about either one of these series, and it's entirely possible to walk into an argument over which series is better in most civilized areas.
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