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[Board] Saffron Scorpions: Soldiers for Hire

Post by Ryu-Kazuki » Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:33 pm


"The law means nothing to us, especially if we didn't break it."

If you're in need of services, regardless of ambition, we have potential business for you. Our organization is an outsourcing of employees that offer taking any job you may have (and we mean serious jobs, we're not a brothel). While members have the right to refuse your job, you'll probably find someone who will take it. If you'd like to do business with us, contact one of our roaming employees (you must know they're an SS member, so no metagaming just because they have their guild badge on). If you'd like to do business with our leader, one, or a few of our associates will take you to him and probably kill you if you tried anything funny.

Payment options will be negotiated with the person hired. Refunds are non-negotiable. This may be subject to change.

We're serious when we say any job will be accepted.

Current Permanent Services:
  • BDP Escort
  • Crafting (This varies from an employee to employee basis)
  • Material Gathering
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